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Digital Billboard Coupon

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What is a billboard coupon you ask? A billboard coupon is simply a printed or digital design offering free time on one of your billboards. The length can vary from a week to a year, but generally, they are short-term and utilized on digital billboards to eliminate printing costs. If you have open space, they cost you nothing. They have several uses and benefits as I will explain below.

Who do I give billboard coupons to?

• Billboard coupons are great for helping your community. If a local charity is hosting an auction or benefit, you can provide them a billboard coupon to auction or raffle off to help them raise money.

• Hold a facebook contest and give the winner a billboard coupon. This generates tons of likes and shares as well as gives you a chance to up-sell whoever wins the billboard coupon.

• Offer them as a promotion for extended-term billboard contracts. If an advertiser signs up for 12 months… they get a free month. They can cash in their coupon anytime during their contract.

• Have an advertiser that is up for renewal? Give them a billboard coupon for continuing their agreement for another term.

• If your local high school sports team wants you to buy ad space in the yearbook, offering a free week on a digital billboard can save you some money and give them some free promotion.

Things to keep in mind:

• It’s a good idea to set an expiration date on them. Usually, one year after you hand them out is plenty of time.

• To avoid counterfeiting, have the billboard company owner sign the back so if one is turned in you can verify it is legit.

• Numbering them and keeping a log of everyone you handout will help you keep track of who has them when they are used, and if you need to follow up.

• Always have the following “fine print” on the coupon: Based on availability, 1 billboard slot, 1 billboard location, no cash value, can’t be used in conjunction with any other sale or coupon, expiration date, etc…

Example Billboard Coupon Pictured Below

Billboard Coupon Gift Certificate


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