Inside the Mind of Potential Billboard Advertisers

Inside the Mind of Potential Billboard Advertisers

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Potential advertisers consider a variety of factors when considering billboards as part of their advertising strategy. These factors help them determine whether billboards are a viable option to reach their target audience effectively.

Here are some basic things that advertisers often look for:

Location and visibility: Advertisers want well-located billboards in high-traffic areas with good visibility. The placement of billboards should ensure great exposure to the target demographic. They tend to prefer highways, convention centers, popular shopping malls, and areas with a lot of foot traffic or traffic.

Demographics: Advertisers consider whether the location of the billboard matches the target demographic. They want to make sure that the people who frequent them match the type of their ideal customers.

Reach and Resolution: Advertisers are interested in how many people will see their ads (resolution) and the reach of the billboard. It analyzes traffic information, footfall, and audience size near the billboard. Be sure to have your numbers readily available!

Ad Size and Design: The features of a billboard are important. Advertisers want enough space to communicate their message clearly without overwhelming viewers. The design of the billboard should be attractive, easy to look at, and in line with the brand description.

Competition: Advertisers consider whether other billboards in the same location are advertising any of their competitors. They want their ads to stand out and grab the attention of the audience. Duration and frequency: Advertisers analyze how long their message will be displayed on the billboard and how often it will rotate with other advertisements. Are they getting as much play as their competition?

What do potential advertisers search for when considering billboards?

According to Google Keyword Search, the phrases below display the search volumes nationwide:

Billboard Advertising Keywords Search

How much do billboards cost?

Budget is always a factor for any business small or large when considering out-of-home advertising. This doesn’t mean you have to be the cheapest, but it does mean you have to convey the impact and benefits of OOH. When compared to other advertising media like television and radio, OOH is still an affordable advertising option.

Do billboards work?

There are also searches for things like “Do billboards work?”. This is why it’s important to always have OOH statistics on hand to show potential advertisers. Any business that has never advertised on billboards our OOH before, is likely to have this concern. There are plenty of resources and stats available that show the benefits of out-of-home advertising. Some are available here.

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