Hivestack and Bombora Bring B2B Intent Measurement to Programmatic DOOH Marketing Worldwide


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Hivestack, the global ad tech leader in programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, has partnered with Bombora, the market leader in the B2B intent data space, to drive innovation in measurement for programmatic DOOH. The collaboration enables marketers that use the Hivestack DSP to understand whether offline, exposed-to-programmatic-DOOH audiences in the physical world exhibited online behavioural changes in intent towards B2B topics from Bombora’s extensive taxonomy.

Intent data is data collected about a prospective business user’s observed behaviour – specifically website content consumption – that can provide insights into their interest in certain products or services and indicate potential intent to take “action”. This content consumption is indicative of pre-purchase research taking place.

Bombora’s Company Surge® analytics product allows businesses to leverage B2B intent data to identify customers who are in active research mode for their products or services, driving efficiencies and creating precise targeting leads. This data is collected from a fully consent-based data cooperative consisting of thousands of B2B websites. The insights regarding which products and services firms are researching inform marketers’ messaging and targeting, creating increased relevancy for the prospects and more effective advertising returns for the brand.

The partnership between the two companies enables a new category of intent-based measurement of programmatic DOOH for B2B brands. Here’s how it works: Hivestack’s DSP programmatically activates DOOH screens in real-time that are over-indexing against custom audience segments. To measure whether programmatic DOOH exposure drove a lift in Bombora’s Company Surge®, the Hivestack platform builds a control and exposed group of audiences. Hivestack then employs cross-device graph partners to map the control and exposed group of offline mobile identifiers to online identifiers. The online identifiers are then passed to Bombora along with B2B topics being measured. Bombora Company Surge® scores are reported and shown in the measurement section of the Hivestack DSP, broken out by business domain and topic. A lift in intent towards topics is noted if the exposed group exhibited a higher Bombora Company Surge® score compared to the control group’s score.

A Fortune 500 technology company is one example of a leading global brand that has achieved significant results from the Bombora-Hivestack partnership. For the tech giant’s campaign, geofences were used to identify key B2B decision-makers located at corporate offices, major branch hubs, places of business, and industry-related conferences throughout Japan. Using this intelligence, custom audience segments were created and targeted using the Hivevstack DSP. Exposed and control groups were created and mapped through cross-device graph partners, and the mapped, online identifiers were passed to Bombora who scored Bombora’s Company Surge® across Japanese businesses and B2B topics. The campaign achieved a significant lift in intent for each B2B decision-maker segment, including general business (11.2%), healthcare (11.1%), retail (6.9%), and manufacturing (6.8%).

Discussing the partnership, Andreas Soupliotis, CEO and founder of Hivestack says, “Until now, measurement for programmatic DOOH focused on upper funnel (awareness) or lower funnel (conversion) by analysing in-store visits. Most B2B brands don’t have brick-and-mortar stores to measure foot traffic and so mid-funnel attribution (understanding consideration and intent) are historically challenging. With our Bombora product integration, B2B advertisers can buy programmatic DOOH through the Hivestack DSP to understand with precision whether their investment in programmatic DOOH drove intent among key decision-makers.”

“Digital has given an already effective medium, out of home advertising, a new life.” said Marc Johnson, GM and CMO Bombora. “The Hivestack DSP brings the targeting and measurement capabilities of programmatic to the DOOH space and ensures messaging is reaching and engaging the right audiences. By bringing those capabilities together with Bombora Company Surge® we are enabling B2B advertisers to measure and score intent attributed to programmatic DOOH exposure – a true industry first.”

Hivestack and Bombora will present on this new capability at the 2021 ANA B2B Marketing Conference Thursday, March 25th.

Source: ExchangeWire PressBox

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