Verizon Media Expands Programmatic DOOH Inventory with Place Exchange Partnership

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Continuing our leadership in programmatic DOOH (digital out-of-home) solutions, Verizon Media is excited to announce a partnership with Place Exchange, a leading OOH supply platform. In partnering, we’re bringing Place Exchange’s high-impact publisher network to our DSP, giving advertisers access to one of the largest supplies of premium DOOH media available. The deal grants the Verizon Media DSP access to all addressable programmatic DOOH inventory within the US and extended access into Canada.

Place Exchange operates a network of OOH displays spanning digital billboards, urban panels, transit shelters, and many other place-based inventory. Publishers include the largest OOH and place-based media companies in the US and Canada, such as Clear Channel Outdoor, Intersection, Lamar, OUTFRONT Media, and many more premium media owners. Place Exchange also supports third-party measurement partners to track DOOH impression delivery, and enables retargeting, audience analytics, and attribution on par with other channels.

“Having access to Place Exchange’s premium supply, alongside existing DOOH inventory from Vistar, Broadsign, VIOOH, Magnite, and the Verizon Media SSP, establishes our DSP as the only omnichannel buying platform  with full coverage of the US programmatic DOOH market,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer, Verizon Media. “We’re excited to take programmatic DOOH to new heights, advancing omnichannel brand experiences across users’ screens and beyond, especially as pandemic restrictions ease and OOH engagement opportunities grow.”

In addition to unparalleled scale of DOOH coverage, partnering with Place Exchange gives Verizon Media DSP buyers a direct connection to unique supply unavailable elsewhere. For example, Place Exchange is the exclusive SSP for Intersection, the leading smart cities media and technology company. Intersection’s expansive programmatic media network extends across the top US media markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and more. Place Exchange also uniquely unlocks programmatic access to OUTFRONT Media’s eye-catching large format billboards nationwide, as well as new OUTFRONT transit inventory in New York City, Atlanta, and Miami.

“With Place Exchange, a brand interested in driving foot traffic for its stores in New York City, for example, could launch a campaign across a targeted selection of LinkNYC screens, billboards, transit media, and displays in retail centers like Hudson Yards,” said Markman. “By expanding the depth of our coverage and formats through partnerships with companies like Place Exchange, we make it possible to reach consumers at every point of the digital journey.”

In the early days of DOOH, advertisers worked either directly with digital sign owners and networks to negotiate and place DOOH campaigns, or with siloed platforms that narrowly focused on the DOOH channel only. Verizon Media’s DSP was one of the first to offer DOOH inventory programmatically, bringing DOOH ad-buying alongside other digital campaigns. By unifying the planning, buying, and measurement of DOOH with all other omnichannel strategies, marketers can move from a siloed view of the consumer to a holistic one. This allows advertisers to harness efficiencies across creative, workflow, measurement, and attribution, and truly maximize their working media in ways that haven’t been possible before.

“By partnering with the Verizon Media DSP, marketers can plan, buy, and measure DOOH in the same way as other programmatic media, while enjoying the benefits of massive reach, high-impact, always viewable messaging that reaches real consumers in the physical world,” said Dave Etherington, Chief Commercial Officer of Place Exchange. “With Verizon Media DSP, we are delighted to continue to bring our media partners new opportunities to tap into programmatic revenue streams from premium buyers.”

Source: Verizon Media


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