Does it pop? 3 keys to an effective billboard ad

Small town billboard

It’s not hard to create an effective billboard ad. Below are three main points you should keep in mind. 

1) An effective billboard ad keeps the reader informed by keeping the advertisement interesting but in a short, descriptive way. When making the ad, make it stick to the subject or object that it’s focusing on. Once you make the ad, include a picture and some short information displaying the item or person. Including the person or places, contact information is optional as nowadays everyone just googles.

2) When choosing the photo for your billboard, make sure it easily shows the subject matter. It can show how it affects people, how it works, what it does, who it is, etc. Make sure it isn’t too distracting or boring. It should grab their attention but not confuse them.

3) Make it stand out- but not a distraction. Make it have larger fonts and eye-catching colors. It should be memorable yet simple.

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