Welcome to Tasty Ad beta!

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Our online software Tasty Ad is now in beta. Many of the features are in place but some are not. We are testing features and invite you to test as well. Create advertisers, create ads and use them however you wish. If you find a bug (and you probably will) feel free to send us an email with a screenshot and or description to info@tastyad.com for our review.

Features that are in place:

  • Advertiser creation
  • Ad creation (Although there are not many templates to choose from in beta – many more will be for the final release)
  • Ad editing
  • Tasty Proposal Tool
  • Blog and News (although very limited)
  • Custom Ads

Features that will be in place by June/July:

  • Smart Lookup
  • Tasty Strategy
  • Many more templates added

Known bugs:

  • Too many words in ads may cause issues¬†(will be fixed in final release)
  • Wording in ads doesn’t scale correctly (will be fixed in final release)

Thank you for choosing to demo our product. Please note the final release (June/July 2018) will have many more features. All of the bugs will be worked out and the Strategy section will be fully in place. We are passionate about helping OOH and billboard companies make sales and retain clients and will continue to build Tasty Ad to suite our customers needs.


Shane Hutton
Dave Roland

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