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JCDecaux Africa is proud to announce the expansion of our latest custom-designed full-motion digital mall screens, JCDecaux i-Vision, to our network.

Our strategy is to enhance our media offering with diverse advertising platforms and touchpoints along the consumer journey. The expanded network of i-Vision digital displays has increased to 122 screens, with plans to extend the footprint in the coming year. Located in 13 of the most prestigious and busiest malls, across six provinces, with an estimated average monthly footfall of 11.9 million consumers, focused on the premium market.

Malls have evolved into an entertainment hub, enjoying repeat visits by offering consumers unique experiences, catering to today’s modern shopper’s evolving needs and tastes. Research from TGI states that 63% of South Africans said they prefer to make purchases at a mall, and 76% of South Africans visit the mall at least once a week.

Proximity targeting through our i-Vision network offers advertisers a host of benefits by delivering relevant, targeted communication in a unique setting. A study by Talon highlighted the value of adding FM DOOH (full motion digital-out-of-home) to a social campaign, “effectiveness across the brand funnel metrics increased on average by 23%”.


Also, the pioneering three-stage research from JCDecaux, Clear Channel and Posterscope titled: ‘The Moments of Truth’ study revealed: “that consumer brain response is 18% higher when viewing relevant content in digital Out-of-Home campaigns. Which, in turn, leads to a 17% increase in consumers’ spontaneous advertising recall. And ultimately it proves that Digital-Out-of-Home campaigns can deliver a 16% sales uplift.”

The i-Vision screens were custom designed in the JCDecaux innovation centre in Paris. The inspiration behind the design was to ensure they complement the high-end, aspirational visual environment. They are sleek, streamlined and occupy as little space as possible, blending into the mall setting, while enhancing the shopping experience. We used advanced mall media mapping software to place the screens in strategic locations throughout the mall, focusing on prime high footfall visibility zones near anchor tenants, premium department stores and entertainment zones.

The i-Vision mall digital display visual area measures 1.8×1 metres, affording brands a large display to deliver colourful brand messaging.  Display quality is paramount to brands and mall partners, as an additional shop window. Each i-Vision is equipped with the latest generation direct LED LCD 16:9 portrait format high-luminance Full HD screen.
Each unit is mainly manufactured from sustainable and recyclable materials and uses specialised sensors which automatically adjust the light intensity according to the location to rationalise as far as possible the energy consumption, reducing the carbon footprint.

Greater accountably and ease of booking

The i-Vision mall display network runs off a state-of-the-art content management system, delivering increased value and flexibility. Achieved through shorter lead times, simplified buying process, greater flexibility in creative changes, and enhanced targeting across mall zones and throughout the national network.

Affording advertisers improved accountability and validation of ad transmission; the software ensures advanced monitoring, reporting, and control campaigns. Delivering reliable, transparent, and detailed proof-of-play campaign delivery reports accessible in real-time. Enabling advertisers to seamlessly design and deploy complex campaigns at scale, featuring innovative, dynamic, and responsive content, which is rendered timely and correctly.

JCDecaux Business Intelligence: Understanding the mall consumer

As the insights and research leaders in the Out-of-Home industry, our media strategy approach is audience first media planning. Applying new thinking and practices, we are proud to introduce yet another first to market mall audience measurement, to improve media planning, audience targeting and campaign accountability.

We applied multiple data sources, including demographic profiling, mobile-phone movement, range of spatial layers and host of mall insights. The methodology factors a range of variables, such as mall shopper footfall universe, time of day, day of the week, size and location of each static and digital platform, to calculate the opportunities to see for each media type within the mall. Allowing us to calculate the estimated number of times a shopper can be exposed to an advertisement, providing average gross impressions.

Advertisers can now book campaigns and target audiences much in the same way as online inventory is purchased, on a regional or national basis, with millions of high-value impressions across our mall network. The simplified buying process delivers immense value, by extending TV, online and mobile reach and frequency, while lowering CPMs on investment schedules, in a highly targeted and contextual environment.

Changing the DOOH SA landscape

JCDecaux i-Vision mall digital display network is set to change the out-of-home advertising landscape in South Africa by providing access, to a highly sought-after premium consumer market, who are in a positive ready-to-buy shopping mindset.

The i-Visions are in proximity to a host of destination retailers and points-of-purchase, influencing shopper consideration and driving footfall to stores. The network is supported by deep consumer insights, cutting edge content management system, offering value and flexibly to advertisers, through a range of pre-set networks or bespoke campaigns, to meet a broad range of advertising goals and objectives. We are creating valuable brand connections, one impression at a time.


JCDecaux Africa is the number #1 out-of-home media specialist in Africa, offering a broad range of digital and static advertising solutions across 19 countries with dedicated offices and teams in each market. JCDecaux Africa has strategic holdings in highly sought-after locations and environments, offering a host of advertising formats, including Airports, Gautrain, Roadside Digital (RSD), Roadside Static, Iconic, Mall, and Street Furniture. JCDecaux Africa services the major media agencies, multinationals, and most prominent brands from around the world. Our media planning and strategy are focused on a host of in-depth research and insight tools to maximise our clients’ advertising spend and deliver on their campaign objectives.

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