UPDATED – Top 20 Businesses That Use Billboards

Top 20 Business that use Billbaords

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NOTE: Our research was from small to mid-size billboard companies from markets of up to 100k populations, where we see more B2B local sales / local advertisers.

We recently did a recap of all of our existing and former clients over the years and came up with a list of the top 20 businesses that use digital billboards. Here’s why this list can be so useful… SALES! If you are targeting business in a new location or locally, by targeting the most popular business that use out of home based on the below list, you already have a huge advantage.

Here Are The Top 20 Businesses That Use Digital Billboards:

1) Real Estate / Auction

2) Medical
Hospitals always have something new going on. Welcoming new Doctors, showcasing new medical tech, and displaying live ER wait times are just a few.

3) Home Services
Home services include plumbers, electricians, flooring providers, utilities, etc.

4) Political
There was a lot of political advertising in 2020, therefore, this number may be lower in 2021-2022.

5) Non-Proffit / Government

6) Restaurants
When people are on the road hungry they usually look for the closest place to eat. Billboards are great to direct hungry patrons or even display day parted specials.

7) Industrial

8) Churches
Another fast-growing OOH advertiser, churches are now using digital to promote their many events, church times, and community service announcements.

9) Bank/Financial
This one may rank higher on the list in some areas. Banks are very competitive advertisers and utilize digital billboards to promote employees, share community events, and even display their products and services.

10) Automotive
Auto sales ads are everywhere. Major brands advertise on tv, radio, and billboards consistently. Even smaller/local dealers use billboard ads from time to time.

11) Construction

12) Boutique/Clothing
Women’s clothing is always being advertised. There’s a new outfit for every season. Most clothing retailers, large and small, advertise year-round.

13) Insurance
Many large insurance companies offer co-op dollars to their smaller branches, however, some agencies go out on their own just to help get the word out.

14) Education/Schools

15) Furniture/Home Goods

16) Attorneys
OOH attorney advertising has grown very rapidly over the last 5 years. Since it’s such a competitive field, lawyers are doing all they can to keep their name out there.

17) Dental
Some of our past dental clients have advertised “Smile of the Week” ads. Featuring their happy patients (mostly kids).

18) Entertainment
Entertainment includes bowling alleys, movie theaters, family centers, arcades, etc.

19) Funeral Homes

20) Jewelry



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