Digital Billboard Companies Can Easily Sell On Premise LED Signs

On Premise Signs

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If you are a billboard company that has digital LED billboards in your inventory, you have an opportunity to sell on-premise LED signs to your advertisers and other businesses in your market. Where did you purchase your digital billboard? Watchfire? Daktronics? Formetco? These digital providers also sell smaller on-premise style signs. These are the types of signs you see businesses have paired with their lighted cabinet signs on their business property. Usually next to the road or on their buildings.

These on-premise signs have become widely popular over the last decade and are great for businesses to showcase their hours, specials, employees, and celebrate holidays. Given, these displays are much smaller than traditional digital billboards and should be limited as to how much information is put on each slide/ad, they are typically close to roadways and in the driver’s line of sight. Typically, cities will have regulations as to how big or how many square feet these displays can be.

Should you be worried about your digital billboard advertiser not renewing if they also have a roadside on-premise LED sign?
Not necessarily, as the displays are smaller, shouldn’t be used for more complex messages, and can’t be displayed around town in higher traffic areas like traditional digital billboards do. You can, however, send your advertisers digital billboard ads to them to display on their on-premise digital sign.

How can you get started selling on-premise and what will you need? 
You can market these products to your existing customer database. You will need to know how big the city will allow you to go with on-premise led signs (contact your local codes department). Your digital billboard supplier will be able to quote and provide the on-premise digital signs to you. Which you will mark-up and add an installation cost. Preferably, you will have your installation team install the digital signs. Software and training to operate the digital signs is typically provided by the sign manufacturer free of charge to your customer. I know this is the case for Watchfire.

Check out these awesome on-premise digital signs from Watchfire Signs:
On-Premise LED Digital Signs On-Premise LED Digital Signs On-Premise LED Digital Signs On-Premise LED Digital Signs On-Premise LED Digital Signs On-Premise LED Digital Signs

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