Billboards that Can Help Save Lives

Project Yellow Light 3

We all know billboards are great advertising tools, but what about billboards that can help save lives? Life saving ads include weather warnings, amber alerts, wanted people or ads that help find organ donors.  Check out some of the greatest examples we’ve found…

Guy needs kidney, friend comes up with creative way to help.

Source: Paige Skinner, Ilya Polyakov and Antonio Calderon

31 year old Antonio Calderon, who was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease (focal segmental glomerulosclerious) in 2009, was in dyer need of a kidney. He’s been on dialysis for two years now, meaning every night he is hooked up to a catheter to remove waste from his body.

While you can’t technically buy a kidney you can buy a billboard for a kidney. Ilya Polyakov, Calderon’s friend, raised $5,000 through a GO Fund Me Page. Now there is a billboard on the corner of Barrington & Mississippi Ave. in Sawteller, that asks for help. “The billboard, in conjunction with a phone number, website, email post on Reddit and Go Fund Me page, has resulted in about 200 injuries, Calderon say.”


Project Yellow Light

Source: projectyellowlight.com

Project Yellow Light is an awesome scholarship competition designed to bring awareness to distracted driving. The parents of Hunter Garner lost their son at the age of 16 by a fatal car crash caused by distracted driving. As an applicant you have one clear mission: encourage your peers to develop and embrace safe driving habits.

The project is for high school and college students that would like to win a $2,000 scholarship. The contest will have 3 different ways to show your talent: through radio, billboards and television. They only ask that you to remember that you can make a difference. Young adults are more likely to listen to someone closer to their age than adults. And this is a great way to express just that. They hold a contest every year.


FBI Utilizes Digital Billboards to Catch Fugitives & More

FBI Billboards
Source: fbi.gov

“Our digital billboard program gets results and helps us keep the public safe.”

-Christopher Allen, unit chief, FBI Office of Public Affairs


When alleged Florida gang member Demeko Wells was wanted for credit card fraud and identify theft earlier this year, he noticed his own photo on a digital billboard alert in the Tampa area, and he knew his days of freedom were numbered.

The next day, Wells turned himself into police and pleaded guilty to several charges. In October, he was sentenced to nearly five years in prison.

This is just one of many examples of the FBI working with the outdoor advertising industry to place timely, critical information directly in the public’s view on electronic roadside billboards. These messages can be produced and posted quickly after a crime occurs or a person goes missing, and they can be targeted to specific geographic areas.


Ashby St. Outdoor Implements Tornado Warning System

Weather Billboard
Source: katv.com

A Fayetteville company is aiming to keep Arkansans safe by offering advertising billboards to be used during tornado warnings.

According to a press release, Ashby St. Outdoor Advertising is using digital billboards to inform the public of a possible tornado threat. When a tornado is issued from the National Weather Service, if one of the billboards is in the affected area, a Tornado Warning message displays until the warning expires.

The new alert system went into effect and was displayed on 33 digital billboards in the Northwest Arkansas area alerting travelers of the potential danger during severe weather on April 30.

The company currently has 61 digital billboards in Arkansas, 29 in Kansas, two in Missouri, and one in Oklahoma. The goal is to inform the public of the threat and let them know it’s time to take immediate shelter.


Wanted Billboard
Image Source: Roland Digital Media

Community Bonding, a digital billboard client of Roland Digital Media, utilizes their advertising slot to not only promote their business, but to get the community involved in locating subjects that have skipped out on their bond. Upon locating the subjects, a big red “CAPTURED” is placed diagonally over the ad. This is a great way to get multiple uses out of a digital billboard campaign.


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