Tasty Ad Software Update

Software Update

Tasty Ad software has recently implemented an update to help ensure your ads look as good as possible. You will now have the option to let us review your advertiser’s logos and replace them automatically if we feel necessary. We understand working with smaller advertisers can present issues when they don’t have logos or their logos are not great. We will also have the ability to perfectly crop any photo to fit any template for you. These services are included in your Tasty Ad account at no additional charge.

Getting help with an advertiser’s logo

After “Smart Lookup” pulls in your advertiser’s info, or after you manually upload an advertiser’s logo, you will see this pop up message:

You will also see the logo help button on the “Finalize Ad” page as seen below:

Getting help with a photo cropping issue

If a photo needs to be cropped perfectly and you are having issues… all you have to do is click the “Photo Crop Help” button and we’ll crop it live and send it right back to you.


Remember, if you need help with any other inquiries just click the orange button to the right side of the page. We’re always there ready to help!


-The Tasty Ad Team


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