BIG Outdoor Launches Programmatic with Vistar Media

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BIG Outdoor – a provider of premium, high-impact digital billboards – announced the launch of programmatic capabilities powered by Vistar MediaBIG Outdoor is leveraging Vistar’s supply-side platform (SSP) to make their inventory available for purchase programmatically via open exchange or private marketplace deals.

“Our mission is to stay at the forefront of improving the value proposition of digital billboard advertising,” said Richard Maund, National Sales & Marketing Director at BIG Outdoor. “We want to provide buyers with a seamless buying experience while building an underlying trust through transparent and accurate data. Ultimately we want to generate positive returns for our customers, and we believe the partnership with Vistar will deliver those results.”

BIG Outdoor is currently onboarding all 43 digital screens to the Vistar platform, with hopes to develop a national network of 150+ screens all programmatically available. As Australia’s only digital billboard specialist, BIG Outdoor inventory reaches more than 70% of Brisbane’s population each month.

“Our success relies on having high-quality inventory available for purchase via our platform, and we’re thrilled to add BIG Outdoor’s digital billboards to the mix,” said Ben Baker, Sales Director, ANZ at Vistar Media. “Programmatic unlocks new capabilities for buyers to embrace data-driven, measurable strategies across these valuable, impactful screens.”

“Ultimately, we selected Vistar because of their background and proven track record in outdoor media,” said Maund. “Their solution is tailor-made for programmatic DOOH, and provides the full ecosystem of services.”

Thanks to the Vistar SSP, BIG Outdoor inventory is now available for purchase via the world’s leading demand side platforms (DSPs), including Amobee, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Verizon, and Vistar’s own DSP.

Source: MTS Staff Writer

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