Best Dentist Billboards

Best Dentist Billboard

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Need some inspiration for an existing dental advertising client or proposing some great ideas to a possible dental client? We’ve scoured the web and put together a list of some of the best dentist billboards around the globe.  These ads are for inspiration only and we do not recommend copying them verbatim.

Dycus Dental – Smile of the Week Billboard Campaign

This digital billboard campaign featured a customer’s smile every week. Who doesn’t like being on a billboard? It really encourages customer engagement. Image source: rolanddigitalmedia.com


Dentist Billboard 9

Whitlock Ave Dental – Squeaky Clean Billboard Design

Using manikins on billboards is a great way to turn a flat design into a dramatic 3d advertisement. Having the manikin cleaning the teeth from yellow to white really ties this design together. Image source: outfrontmedia.com


dental billboard 2

Formula Toothpaste – Strong Teeth Billboard Design

This design is very minimal. Which is great. The image speaks for itself and tells the story without needing any extra words. The pulled up corner really draws your eye to the ad. Image source: adsarchive.com


dentist billboard 2

Coast Dental – We Fix Gaps Billboard Design

This design appears to be spec and we couldn’t find a live image of the billboard. However, it’s still a great ad. The “gap” in the billboard really draws your eye to it and ties the braces service to the overall theme. Image source: gabediazgraphicdesign.com


dentist billboard 3

Excellence Dental – Frankenstein Great Smile Billboard Design

This design captures your eye with the big smiling frankenstein monster. A big smile with white teeth make this monster a new man. A clever ad goes a long way with memorability. Image source: lamar.com


Dental Billboard 4

Ohio Smiles – 2 Steps To A Better Smile Billboard Design

This design integrates social media with billboard advertising which is a great way to get customers to interact with the advertiser. Image source: goldenproportions.com

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