Your Billboard Company Just Purchased A Drone, Now What?

Billboard Drone

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There are plenty of ways to go about using your drone to showcase your billboard inventory. As we all know, every billboard location has its strengths and it’s up to us to communicate those strengths to our advertisers. SignBird believes that the best way to propose a billboard location is not to TELL the advertiser, but SHOW them!
Powerful advertising like out-of-home should have powerful ways of proposing the ad space. We’d like to share a few tips of what kind of shots to grab using your handy aerial drone that’s sure to impress your advertiser, but also show them the value!
A drone shot, although unique, shouldn’t be missing the most important part of any great OOH photo, the traffic! Advertisers want to see that the billboard they are planning to make an investment on, to verify it’s working. Never forget a drone shot shouldn’t be of just the billboard, it has to have traffic in it.
If there is a gas station, walmart, mom and pop store…you name it, this needs to be in that shot from the drone. The environment that surrounds your billboard is a great selling tool for advertisers to take notice of. An approach shot from a vehicle can’t capture the Walmart or Shopping Center 100 yards away from the board all in the same frame, but an aerial drone 500 ft in the air can!
Odds are, your advertisers have never climbed a billboard before, and probably never will. However, hover your drone above your billboard, turn it around, face the traffic, and take a picture! Your advertisers will be able to see traffic from the perspective of their billboard ad! Bumper to bumper traffic, distance away from the road, height of the billboard, all of it. Put your advertisers on the catwalk of a billboard with a great picture!
Here’s a project SignBird completed recently that shows off inventory in a fresh way using an aerial drone and our Billboard Video Proposal service.


We hope these tips help you and your OOH company this month. As always, if you have any questions about using a drone, web design, or photography, SignBird would love to hear from you! You can visit us at our website here, www.signbird.io, or follow us on social media here to see what we’ve been up to.

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