Wrapify Launches Static+ Rideshare Topper to Offer Brands Targeted and Scalable OOH Advertising


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 Wrapify, the performance-driven ad tech platform for brands powered by OOH and the gig economy, today announced the launch of the Static+ Rideshare Topper for targeted advertising campaigns. The Static+ Rideshare Topper is a proprietary product and nationally-scalable medium that utilizes Wrapify’s unique Attribution Suite and Physical Retargeting capabilities, allowing brands to place advertisements on top of the modern-day taxi, including Uber and Lyft rideshare vehicles.

“Taxi top advertising in New York is a $30 million industry, and in the last few years, many companies have failed to enter the market to replicate this success,” said James Heller, CEO and co-founder of Wrapify. “Now, with our Static+ Rideshare Topper, we are paving the way for more organizations to capitalize on this effective form of advertising. Over the last five years, we’ve built a strong operational network that has allowed us to construct this smart product at scale, allowing access for more organizations to utilize this effective form of advertising. As the largest rideshare specific platform, we’ve designed the Static+ Rideshare Topper to not only serve brands, agencies and publishers, but to also create a new opportunity for rideshare drivers to monetize their time on the road by earning money for miles they are already driving each day.”

Contributing to the consistent growth of the out-of-home (OOH) industry, brands have successfully leveraged Wrapify’s technology to physically retarget audiences and attribute OOH spend through online conversions, in-app activity and actual foot-traffic. According to Nielsen’s 2019 OOH Advertising Study, transit advertising is one of the most noticeable OOH advertising mediums. As rideshare advertising continues to manifest into a highly utilized and effective segment of OOH advertising, brands, agencies and publishers can now leverage Wrapify’s Static+ Rideshare Topper at a price point feasible for campaign deployment at a national level.

“This is a logical evolution of an age-old media product,” said Kathi Moore, vice president, branding and communications at CheapOair. “Wrapify’s attribution and retargeting features, paired with the ability to scale this on rideshare vehicles nationwide makes this a huge win for travel brands like CheapOair.”

“Taxi-top advertising is a core line item in many brand’s OOH media plans, especially in top DMAs. This is a technological leap in measurement and attribution and an obvious iteration of the format,” said Brian Rappaport CEO at QUAN Media Group.

Wrapify has a nationwide network of verified drivers using the app and certified installers supporting brand campaigns. With the growing number of credible rideshare drivers in the gig-economy, and advertising opportunities as a result, Wrapify is one of the first to capitalize on this expanding segment in the market with the Static+ Rideshare Topper, rendering their Attribution Suite and retargeting offerings available to pair with it.

To learn more about Wrapify, please visit wrapify.com.

About Wrapify
With a powerful combination of OOH, digital and the gig economy, Wrapify empowers Fortune 500 brands to reach audiences in an omnichannel environment – while delivering measurable, actionable analytics to prove its effectiveness. This high-recall ad tech platform combines the impact of out of home advertising with the scalability, targeting and accountability of digital.

Brands including AT&T, Coca-Cola and Salesforce reach and engage audiences that interact with Wrapified vehicles across channels and devices, driving awareness, attribution and conversion. Wrapify enables brands to target and scale ad campaigns nationwide, across screens and channels, as well as access to data in real-time to measure performance.

250,000+ drivers in the US use the Wrapify app to earn extra income simply by driving. Founded in 2015 and recently named #309 on the 2019 Inc. 500, Wrapify is headquartered in San Diego, CA. Learn more at wrapify.com.

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