Women’s Next Step for Life: Update

Watchfire Signs

On March 3rd, 2020, Tennessee had powerful tornadoes that came through in the early morning. An F4 ripped through Cookeville, causing a lot of damage and taking lives. One of the places hit was the Next Step for Life Women’s Home, started by Dave and Diane Roland of Roland Digital Media. Everyone in the house that morning made it safely to the basement and no one was injured, but the house was almost severely damaged. Below are some photos before the tornado, after the tornado, and during the rebuilding process.

Women’s Next Step for Life Before the Tornado

Women’s Next Step for Life After the Tornado

How Next Step for Life Looks Now

They have added on 1,200 square feet upstairs which will be a new classroom/prayer room.

Dave Roland with leaders of the Weaverland Disaster Services Team from Pennsylvania

Serving lunch to the workers and volunteers.



If you would like to donate to the Next Step for Life Women’s Home rebuild, please click here.

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