WalkMe™ Launches Digital Adoption Center

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WalkMe™, the leading Digital Adoption Platform and one of the fastest-growing software companies globally, announced today the launch of its Digital Adoption Center (DAC), which unlocks crucial business intelligence for CIOs and business leaders looking to make data-driven business decisions, maximize ROI across various business processes and improve the bottom line. The launch of the DAC is supported by WalkMe’s first Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising campaign that positions the company as the ally CIOs need to build strategy and lead successful digital transformation efforts.

With business processes today no longer being platform-specific, CIOs seek full visibility into usage and performance metrics across the many platforms that feed every business process. WalkMe’s DAC provides full visibility and insight across key business technology platforms, helps to monitor employee engagement with various business systems and raise efficiency, productivity and performance across the organization.  Armed with detailed insights on ways to improve technology adoption, CIOs and technology leaders can drive strategic decisions that increase employee productivity, recapture wasted spending and create revenue growth.

“Business leaders have tasked CIOs to lead digital transformation efforts within the enterprise and harness its potential to drive profits,” said Dan Adika, CEO of WalkMe. “Knowing digital transformation cannot succeed without employee participation, our DAC allows CIOs to analyze technology usage, identify opportunities to engage employees and proactively implement strategies to improve adoption. With our product launch and marketing campaign, we’re empowering CIOs to become data-equipped digital champions who will bring unique business value to the C-suite and the organizations they serve.”

The WalkMe campaign, themed “Your Legacy Awaits,” spotlights the critical role today’s modern CIO can play in driving a company’s success if they embrace a transition from traditional to transformational leadership. Depicting CIOs in oil paintings commonly used throughout history to memorialize accomplished leaders, the campaign explores the lasting impact forward-thinking CIOs can have on a company’s future.

With organizations globally having initiated digital transformation strategies with the CIO as the lead and few organizations believe they’ve successfully implemented change management while undergoing a digital transformation, the campaign presents WalkMe as the support CIOs need for business reinvention. “Your Legacy Awaits” will reach CIOs through a major OOH campaign that will feature bus wraps, billboards and subway advertisements across New York City and San Francisco. The outdoor campaign will be supported by online advertisements and conference and event sponsorships.

“Meeting our digital transformation goals got a whole lot easier after implementing WalkMe,” said Chad Anderson, CIO of Del Monte Foods. “With varying technology adoption rates, WalkMe offers us the visibility to reduce roadblocks, increase employee engagement and ultimately improve how we do business.”

WalkMe provides step-by-step guidance and calls-to-action at the point of interaction, eliminating the need for employees to remember numerous processes to accomplish tasks.

About WalkMe:

WalkMe provides a digital adoption platform that simplifies the user experience and drives action using insights, engagement, guidance and automation capabilities. Using artificial intelligence/machine learning, analytics and automation, WalkMe’s context-intelligent platform anticipates users’ needs and provides help exactly when and where they need it. WalkMe is used by over 2,000 companies globally, including more than 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit: https://www.walkme.com/.

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