VIOOH’s journey to create a hybrid-first workplace


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Since June 2020, at VIOOH we’ve been planning and learning how to build an inclusive, safe and people-first space with employee experience at the core of everything we do. Hybrid requires continuous improvement and we believe that we have created the right foundations.

Future VIOOH Sessions

During November 2020, we ran a series of virtual, all-company off-sites to start learning and developing programmes for this new era. Led by our leadership and management team, the programme instilled confidence that as a business, we had the courage to dream big, embrace change and make it happen.

Connected Days

One day per month, each team will gather in the office to plan, collaborate and co-create aspects of our workplace infrastructure that will empower all VIOOHers to have long-term flexibility.


Guided by our values, we wanted a hybrid model led by teams to provide VIOOHers with choice whilst driving psychological safety together. During Future VIOOH sessions, employees created a peer-to-peer recognition programme, ‘Praise You’, to ensure we share, celebrate and recognise #momentsthatmatter and take time to appreciate each other.

Growth mindset

A growth mindset is designed to foster a learning culture; we still have a lot more transformation and change ahead so being curious and fearless will ensure we are set up for success. As an employer, VIOOH provides time every Friday afternoon dedicated to learning.

Our basecamp

In May 2021, we moved out of a serviced, co-working space into a dedicated floor that we have sublet, creating a physical space that has the right tech to allow us to work effectively when in the office. Our CMO went the extra mile to design our offices with our refreshed branding making, sure that we have onsite space that has soul and reflects VIOOH’s personality.

Super VIOOHers

Successful change management is about getting everyone on the same page and finding your early adopters. To set our model up for success, ensure it’s inclusive and every voice is heard, each team at VIOOH has an ambassador. These ambassadors act as role models who have access to the right knowledge and assets so each Connected Day is structured and adds real value to individuals and VIOOH as a community.

Stand out from the crowd

Great places to work are those that value, trust and unite all to achieve, provide a much needed sense of belonging and shared accountability. With endless uncertainty, constant change and employee turnover across industry predicted at 41%, a future proof workplace is the new competitive advantage. At VIOOH, we’re not resting on our laurels, we’re co-creating an inclusive work culture where everyone is empowered to be successful.

To hear what it’s like to work at VIOOH and hire during a pandemic, listen to this podcast, get in touch with Liz or go to our careers page.

Source: VIOOH

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