Lamar’s Mendi Robinson Joins OAAA Webinar to Explain How Great Creative is Crucial to Outdoor Advertising Effectiveness


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In today’s outdoor advertising industry, new age data science can show you where your target audiences are and how they move about their day, while advanced analytics can tell you where you should physically locate your ad. These are both very valuable advancements in the industry.

And while they are important, at the end of the day, the true impact of an advertisement and the ability to ensure that a message is seen and noticed will be heavily dependent on excellent creative design.

Recent studies have found that up to 75% of advertising ROI is generated from creative. Outdoor advertising recall already outpaces competitive advertising channels. Emphasis on high quality creative only enhances the effectiveness of an outdoor advertising campaign.

In a recent webinar moderated by the OAAA, Lamar’s Vice President of Creative, Mendi Robinson, joined industry colleagues from OUTFRONT and Adams to discuss the importance of creative and how it can elevate the impact of any outdoor campaign – for local businesses to large national brands and across all budget ranges.

Advertisers today can choose from a range of static billboard design capabilities, such as physical extensions and eye-catching elements, along with digital capabilities that allow brands to be relevant and timely. Robinson advises outdoor industry professionals to guide clients to ensure that creative design leverages outdoor strengths in generating brand awareness and compelling actions, such as driving consumers to physical locations or websites.

To hear more of Mendi’s thoughts on how to utilize creative to the fullest extent and see examples of great creative in action, register and watch the full OAAA webinar here.

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