Using Billboards to Promote Events

Events in OOH

Verde Capital Ad 1

Billboards are very popular for promoting events. They can be a great source of continual revenue every year from return clients. Some clients may not be able to afford a billboard for an entire year, but when they have an event or large sale they can utilize outdoor to bring in more customers and get that return on investment. For example, we have a florist & gifts client that does a year end holiday sale. They offer discounts, do an open house and partner with other similar businesses. By offering big discounts they get people in the door and also get rid of stale inventory. Year after year they continue to rent billboards for their event. Another example is a local fire station who host a haunted corn maze every year. They only rent a digital billboard for a month but they come back every year. By keeping track of all of your advertisers that post events you can remind them every year to advertise on your billboards.

Using Billboards to promote events is nothing new, but with digital it’s easier than ever. We currently live in a digital era where ads can be changed within seconds. That is great for business owners that would like ads to changed often. Countdown timers are great for events. Don’t be afraid to switch locations either. We all know that location is key to getting your business out there. Many customers¬† think that the most popular billboard in town is great though and just want to stay there. DON’T be afraid to change locations and reach out to more people!

Seeing new events on billboards are eye catching because people to know what’s happening in their town, plus great discounts from retailers draw them in. Businesses that post events or discounts are usually posting about open houses, parties, black Friday sales, Christmas, Thanksgiving, year end blowouts, etc… the list goes on and on.

Here are some examples of event ads:

Christmas Cookie Sale

Christmas Ad


Pictures With Santa

Pictures with Santa 2



New Year’s Party

New Years Party (1) copy


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