U.S. Pest Protection displays bold billboards with American flags surrounding Nashville


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Nashville pest control company, U.S. Pest Protection, secures American Flag billboards with their simple impactful logo around the city, causing an array of reactions. American Flags are out of stock all over the country and backordered due to the pandemic as well as only being able to run at minimum capacity because of the high consumer demand.

The billboards that have been erected around metro Nashville, display the company’s logo, with .com at the end of the logo, and have three large American flags flying proudly above the signage. The flags originate from America’s oldest and largest flag manufacturer, Annin Flagmakers – est 1910, out of New Jersey and distributed through The Flag Lady, est. 1980, Columbus, OH.

The brand colors of U.S. Pest Protection are red, white, & blue; but is that the only reason why the company decided to market their brand alongside the American flag? The answer to that question, is no.

“We are an American business, and we are proud of that,” said U.S. Pest President, Erica Brister. “Our company employees all pride themselves on working for a company that has solid American values & principles,” she continued.

American values often stem off the common ideology of independence, unity, hope, the fighting spirit, work ethic, the value of time & efficiency, consumerism, and even other companies’ competition.

U.S. Pest’s billboard marketing message, yet minimal & simplistic, can be viewed in all aspects of these American core principles.

Internally, U.S. Pest employees view this branding message as that they value their unity as a company, their strong fighting spirit to do whatever it takes to protect customers, their freedom & independence to have the opportunity to work, create their own economy, and priding their selves on the successful results and life commissions that they receive as an employee that is fortunate to have the opportunity to work for a great American company.

Customers and non-customers may view this advertisement as a message to be freed from their pests and know U.S. Pest will go to battle with the bugs while supporting other patriotic endeavors.

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SOURCE U.S. Pest Protection

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