Twitter puts up billboards and murals in New York City that sum up 2020

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Tweet by American Singer and actress Dionne Warwick too got its own billboard in New York City’s Bryant Park.

With the year 2020 set to end, Twitter has turned put some of its most popular tweets that summed up the year on billboards and murals around New York City.

The tweets are part of the social networking site’s “Out-Of-Home” (OOH) campaign to highlight some of the tweets which connected people from across the globe, and made them laugh during a difficult year.

Twitter’s official handle tweeted pictures of some of the billboards that were displayed in and around the city as part of the campaign.



A tweet by American singer and actress Dionne Warwick also got a billboard in New York City’s Bryant Park.

“Please do not bring that foolishness into 2021,” says the tweet from December 11.

Twitter has reportedly already logged over 6 million tweets about the year 2020. A Variety report said that the billboards and murals will also appear in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco’s Oakland.

Back in September, billboards sponsored by Twitter appeared in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and more, to promote the wearing of masks. The billboards featured hilarious and insightful tweets by users about wearing a face mask.

Source: Trends Desk

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