Top 5 reasons DOOH is unlike any other media

Top 5 Dooh

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As a brand-marketer, there’s no shortage of places to spend your advertising dollars. From online digital display ads to bright digital billboards and everything in between, they all want a piece of your advertising budget. You’ll find similarities in most of these advertising mediums, however, one, in particular, stands out. Digital out of home advertising (DOOH) is a unique and proven channel with features you won’t find anywhere else.

#5 – It won’t disrupt your life

One of the main selling points of out of home is that it is a non-disruptive advertising platform. It won’t interrupt you while you are in the middle of watching a video on your phone or during your favorite tv show. For this reason, out of home has a strong favorability among its viewers as well as the brands that utilize it. Disruptive advertising can be annoying to your audience and often results in negative brand perception with poor results.

#4 – It can’t be ignored

Another benefit of out of home is its placement. You can’t turn it off or scroll past it. It’s right there in your face, bright and beautiful, commanding attention. According to Neilsen, 90% of adults notice OOH ads and 66% take an action on their smartphone after seeing the ad. High ad recall rates and consumer action means a better return on your advertising investment.

#3 – It’s got a big reach

Out of home is also the only media that specifically reaches audiences while they are going about their day (hence the name out of home), getting gas, driving to and from work, shopping, etc. Reaching consumers at the right time when they are making purchasing decisions guarantees results.

#2 – It’s easy to buy and very affordable 

Digital out of home (DOOH) can be purchased by anyone, anywhere. Programmatic DOOH gives you access to your campaigns and the ability to manage them freely and with any size budget. It’s among the few media where a self-employed artist can share the same ad space as a fortune 500 company, all thanks to programmatic buying platforms.

#1 – It’s extremely measurable

Last but certainly not least, out of home is now measurable. Gone are the days when marketers bought DOOH strictly for brand awareness and couldn’t see how their campaigns performed against their objectives. With attribution reports available for any campaign with 10 million impressions, brands can now measure specific KPIs and attribute the success to DOOH.

Digital Out of home is truly a unique channel that guarantees to amplify your media strategy and deliver the results you are seeking. DOOH commands attention, drives action, and is just as flexible as programmatic online.

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