MobileFuse and Ibotta Announce Partnership, Enhance Moments-Based Targeting Solution

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NEW YORKAug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MobileFuse, one of the largest in-app, CTV, and DOOH advertising platforms, today announced a partnership with Ibotta, a leading cash back rewards platform in the United States, to combine Ibotta’s deterministic shopping data with its proprietary Mindset Targeting to create a unique solution for CPG clients. Through this partnership, MobileFuse clients can better target specific audiences and deliver more relevant advertisements at scale.

The Mindset Targeting solution analyzes real world signals to know when consumers are most likely to be impacted by a brand’s message. It applies context to each ad request, utilizing a series of unique data points that provide clients with a strong understanding of consumer mindsets and receptive moments. This solution incorporates Ibotta’s first-party deterministic audience segments, enabling marketers to not only serve ads during key receptive moments, but also to audiences that have made verified purchases. This news demonstrates MobileFuse’s commitment to delivering the best tools, helping clients further optimize campaigns and reach critical goals.

“This strategic partnership provides our clients with unique targeting and audience engagement capabilities. It’s also timely, as the industry remains somewhat in flux around iOS 14.5 and the further depreciation around cookies. We’re in a strong position to offer deterministic purchase segments augmented by receptive moments so our clients can activate campaigns with confidence across our diverse exchange,” said Ken Harlan, Founder and CEO of MobileFuse. “Together, we’re helping marketers and the brands they serve better engage desired consumers in a more personalized way.”

“We are excited for MobileFuse’s clients to see the benefits of this combined partnership,” said Thomas Benedict, Senior Vice President, Data & Media at Ibotta. “Deterministic purchase data is the best truth set to build activation solutions on top of.”

For more information on MobileFuse, visit: www.mobilefuse.com.

About MobileFuse
MobileFuse is one of the largest in app advertising, DOOH and CTV platforms, serving leading organizations across the retail, food & beverage, restaurant, tourism, government, and healthcare industries. MobileFuse empowers brands and marketers by reaching highly curated and receptive audiences via its unique solutions combining moments-based targeting, patent pending location verification, custom and impactful creative, and data-driven insights at scale. Founded in 2009, MobileFuse is headquartered in New York City and has offices throughout the U.S. For more information, visit https://mobilefuse.com/.

About IbottaMObileFuse and Ibotta 
Headquartered in Denver, Colo., Ibotta (“I bought a…”) is a free-to-use cash back rewards platform that has delivered $1 billion in cumulative cash rewards to its users for making purchases in-store, on mobile apps or via websites. Launched in 2012, Ibotta is one of the most frequently used shopping and payments platforms. With more than 40 million downloads, our users are offered cashback on purchases across more than 2,700 leading brands, at every major retailer in the US.

Stemming from this robust consumer promotions business, Ibotta has amassed the largest collection of deterministic, user-generated, retailer representative purchase data in the US. This fully-licensable, 1st party data powers activation, attribution and analytics use-cases for leading brands, media agencies, and platforms.

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