The Perfect Restaurant Billboard Spec Art

Restaurant Billboard Ideas 13

Creating great spec art for potential billboard advertisers doesn’t have to be hard. Check out these ideas from Roland Digital Media:

• Find a photo of the owners/employees on FB (Come See us!)
• Best Pizza in Town, Best Steak in Town, Best Coffee in Town, etc…
• Happy Holidays, Happy 4th of July, Happy Valentines Day, Etc…
• Simple Logo Ad (with phone and address)
• Shop Local! (if it’s a small business not a chain)
• Testimonial (Find a good one on their FB page, Make it short)
• NOW OPEN or COMING SOON (If it’s a new business)
• Feature a product or service listed on their website
• Slogan as headline (If the company has one)

Here are a few ideas for restaurant and food related billboards:
These ads are for reference only. We do not recommend copying them.

El Tap Hiring 3 CRSVL
El Tap Hiring 4
El Tap Hiring 4
El Tap 4th of July
Food of Your Mood 3
Food of Your Mood 7
Blue Coast - Double Punch Monday
Blue Coast - Drink Tuesday
Nicks Arrow
Nicks Valentines 2

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