The Perfect Restaurant Billboard Spec Art

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Creating great spec art for potential billboard advertisers doesn’t have to be hard. Check out these ideas from Roland Digital Media:

• Find a photo of the owners/employees on FB (Come See us!)
• Best Pizza in Town, Best Steak in Town, Best Coffee in Town, etc…
• Happy Holidays, Happy 4th of July, Happy Valentines Day, Etc…
• Simple Logo Ad (with phone and address)
• Shop Local! (if it’s a small business not a chain)
• Testimonial (Find a good one on their FB page, Make it short)
• NOW OPEN or COMING SOON (If it’s a new business)
• Feature a product or service listed on their website
• Slogan as headline (If the company has one)

Here are a few ideas for restaurant and food related billboards:
These ads are for reference only. We do not recommend copying them.

El Tap Hiring 3 CRSVL
El Tap Hiring 4
El Tap Hiring 4
El Tap 4th of July
Food of Your Mood 3
Food of Your Mood 7
Blue Coast - Double Punch Monday
Blue Coast - Drink Tuesday
Nicks Arrow
Nicks Valentines 2

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