The National Police Association Launches ‘Thank a Cop’ Billboards


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INDIANAPOLISMarch 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The National Police Association has started a national billboard campaign asking people to support the police by thanking a cop, due in part to the lack of support for police by elected officials and violence against police by criminals. The initial cities to receive billboards are ChicagoHoustonLos AngelesPhiladelphia, and San Francisco.

Examples of the violence against police officers and the lack of support from elected officials include:

In Chicago, after 400 police positions were cut, two police officers in line to get something to eat were recently shot just because of the uniforms they wear.

In Houston, a deputy constable was shot and killed during a traffic stop when the illegal immigrant driver got out and immediately fired repeatedly at the deputy’s patrol car. The deputy was shot multiple times and died at the scene in what investigators classified as an ambush attack.

In Los Angeles, which cut the police budget by 150 million dollars, an off-duty LAPD officer was killed in a gunfight. The gang members accused of his murder had to be charged in federal court, because the Los Angeles DA, a “progressive prosecutor”, has policies against charging gang enhancements or seeking the death penalty for cop killers.

In Philadelphia, after having the department budget slashed by 14 million dollars, the police union had to file a lawsuit against the city for passing a local law banning traffic stops that would uncover illegal drugs and weapons, resulting in emboldened criminals and reduced safety for citizens and officers alike.

In San Francisco, after having the department budget slashed by 6 million dollars, the Chief of Police had to terminate a cooperation agreement with the District Attorney, a “progressive prosecutor”, when the DA’s office was caught withholding evidence in a criminal charge they brought against a police officer for defending himself from an attacker.

Spokesperson for the National Police Association, Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.), stated “Police morale in these and the other cities in which we will provide billboards is at an all-time low. The interests of professional police critics and criminals have overlapped and have combined to destabilize public safety, spike crime, and harm police officers. We can turn public safety and the effectiveness of law enforcement around one citizen at a time. If you want to support this initiative, go out of your way to thank a cop. And remember that when your local politician wants to handcuff cops instead of criminals.”

About The National Police Association

The National Police Association (NPA) is a 501(c)3 Educational/Advocacy non-profit organization. For additional information visit www.nationalpolice.org.

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