The Best Billboard Ever

The Best Billboard Ever 2


We have taken the liberty of searching for the best billboard ever created. We have searched all corners of the web to find the best of the best billboard ads. It was a labor of love and what we found was there are a lot of great ads out there, and quite a few bad ones too. Below you will see what designs made the final cut and ultimately the winner of the best billboard ever created.

Who gives us the right to choose the best billboards? Well, no one really. We do have decades of experience in out of home advertising though. And have created tens of thousands of billboard ads ourselves. So that counts for something I suppose. However, it is merely our opinion. If you have a billboard you would like to submit please send it to info@tastyad.com. We’d love to see it!

Note: We didn’t include Spectaculars, or 3D billboards into this list. That will be another post. This post focuses on the standard display billboards that make up over 95% of what’s out there.

The best billboard Ever created was judged on the following criteria:

-Simplicity (10 Points) – Can I grasp the concept/message in 5 seconds or less?)

-Boldness (10 Points) – Does the ad draw my eye to it if i’m passing by?

-Cleverness (10 Points) – Does the message make me think, laugh, etc.?

-Design (10 Points) – Did the designer use readable fonts, contrasting colors, spacing?


McDonalds Billboard

Design and photo by Cossette

The McDonald’s Follow the Arches directional billboards.

Designed by the Cossette ad agency for McDonald’s, this campaign utilizes the memorable golden arches of McDonald’s to convey direction as to where their locations are. McDonald’s is no newbie to Out of Home. Billboards have played a vital role in their marketing efforts for many years. The simplicity of these ads are what make them so great. Because they are such a memorable brand, they are able to convey a simple message with 3 words or less. The red and yellow color scheme accompanied by the close up of the arch is all that is needed. Brilliant!

The scorecard: Simplicity (10), Boldness (10), Cleverness (10), Design (9) = 39/40 Total

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