Teaming with Appspace: PPDS ProStore welcomes leading workplace management and experience platform – now officially certified in the Wave ecosystem

Appspace ProStore

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Certified in partnership: Trusted by over 2,500 organisations – including Google, Netflix, Uber, Pfizer and Nestle – and over 160 Fortune 500 companies, Appspace is now certified, fully compatible, and available for remote installation with the PPDS Wave ProStore.

 Amsterdam, May 2024: PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays, is delighted to announce Appspace has been certified as an official PPDS Wave ProStore premium application making it even easier to deploy one of the world’s leading workplace management and experience platforms with Philips Android SoC displays.

More than 2,500 organisations worldwide, including 160 Fortune 500 companies, and 12 million on site, remote, and frontline employees, use Appspace daily. Appspace – which has offices in the US, UK, UAE, and Malaysia – is the first workplace experience platform designed to connect people, places, and spaces using digital signage, space reservation, employee apps, intranets, and more.

Philips Android SoC displays include the Philips Signage 3000 Series (Q-Line), Philips Signage 4000 Series (D-Line), and the Philips Interactive (T-Line).

Features at a glance:


  • Digital signage: Get information across on workplace displays, allowing visitors and staff to interact.
  • Space reservation: Help everyone find and reserve rooms, desks, and more at your office locations.
  • Intranet: Unite everything employees need for work in a single hub, personalised to every worker.
  • Employee app: Reach frontline and on site teams with a mobile experience that goes everywhere.

The PPDS ProStore provides a simple and seamless marketplace for customers to access their preferred applications and services on their Philips Android SoC displays, while removing all limitations and concerns around compatibility, making it easy to install preferred applications remotely out of the box.

As part of the Wave ecosystem – the evolutionary, scalable cloud platform unlocking the power, versatility and intelligence of Philips Professional Display fleet – Appspace can now be selected, remotely distributed, updated and managed from any location, allowing full control over the display configuration and, therefore, customer experience.

Sian Rees, PPDS’ Business Development Director – Wave and Software Partnerships, said: “At PPDS we are driven by partnerships providing the innovative and indispensable solutions required for your Philips Professional Displays. As a business we have undergone a significant transformation, advancing from a provider of display hardware to a company delivering choice, value, and support to both the AV channel and end customers through an open approach to innovation. The PPDS Wave ProStore is a key pillar of that strategy and we have been delighted with the response from the market since officially going live in 2023.

“By partnering with premium providers like Appspace, and adding their applications on the ProStore, we ensure the best user experience for our customers, enabling them to customise for their specific use case and industry with trusted and proven platform partners. In addition, Wave allows them to easily and remotely install these apps, and manage and scale their fleets. We’re delighted to welcome Appspace into our Wave community.”

Paul Alley, Director, Technology & Alliance Partnerships at Appspace, added: “Appspace provides support to thousands of customers, and helps global brands modernise their workplace experiences. Our partners are critical in this effort. We have worked closely with the PPDS team, who share our obsession for creating best-in-class user experiences. Being part of the PPDS ProStore brings greater opportunity for customers to access our Appspace solutions globally and delivers more value to their partners and customers.”

To learn more about PPDS, please visit the website here, or contact your local PPDS sales manager. Find more about Appspace on the PPDS ProStore here.

About PPDS

PPDS is a trading name of TP Vision Europe B.V. (“TP Vision”) and MMD-Monitors & Displays Nederland B.V. (“MMD”), registered in the Netherlands, with their head offices in Amsterdam. TP Vision and MMD are wholly owned subsidiaries of TPV Technology Limited (“TPV”), the world’s largest manufacturer of monitors and a leading provider of display solutions.

PPDS exclusively markets and sells Philips-branded professional displays, covering professional TVs, signage and direct view LED solutions, worldwide under trademark license by Koninklijke Philips N.V.

By combining the Philips brand promise with TPV’s manufacturing expertise in displays, PPDS employs a competitive and focused approach to bring innovative products to market – from its 10” touchscreen through to unlimited direct view LED displays. Designing solutions that make a positive impact, both for resellers and for end customers – at the right time and in the right places.

About Appspace             

Today, work happens everywhere, and Appspace unites your physical and digital workplace by improving communication, organization, and productivity. Our platform is easy to set up, works with your existing technology, and flexes to fit your company’s needs. With dozens of app integrations, Appspace works best however you work best and improves how you collaborate with your colleagues – plus, it simplifies work processes so you can get things done faster and easier. With a platform that’s built for how you work, we’re helping organizations swap disjointed point products with an engaging workplace experience platform that’s easy to use – and even easier to love.

Appspace is the first workplace experience platform that connects people, places, and spaces through digital signage, space reservation, an employee app, a modern intranet, and more. Organizations can replace disjointed tools and unite their digital and physical workplaces with a single platform, making work an experience everyone loves. Trusted by over 160 Fortune 500 companies and serving 12 million on-site, remote, and frontline employees daily, Appspace is revolutionizing the way businesses approach workplace solutions.

Learn more at www.appspace.com

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