Tasty Ad Teams Up With IBOUSA

Small Town Billboard

Most of you already know that Tasty Ad has teamed up with IBO services. What is IBOUSA? IBOUSA is a networking group of companies that have common interest of promoting all things of importance to independent billboard operators. They bring together some brilliant minds and cutting edge technologies and services to our industry in some fun and engaging ways.

What does that mean to you that IBO and Tasty Ad have teamed up? If you are an IBO member, then you will get a great discount! How much you would save if you are an IBO member and sign up with Tasty Ad?

Tasty Jr. Base: $99 / mo
IBO Member:  $75 / mo                

2 Scoops: $249 / mo
IBO Member: $200 / mo

That’s BIG SAVINGS! Plus you get a 2 WEEK FREE TRIAL when you sign up for the first time! If you want to know more about Tasty Ad and how it works, we offer a free demo.

Below is IBOUSA’s latest newsletter:

IBO Newsletter

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