Taoping Launches an Innovative Cross-Platform App to Integrate Third-Party Screens to Its Ecosystem


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Taoping Inc. (NASDAQ: TAOP, the “Company”), a leading provider of internet-based smart display screens, and a new-media ecosystem that enable targeted advertising and online retails, today announced the launch of Taoping Cloud Window, an innovative cross-platform App that integrates third-party screens to its ecosystem.

Taoping Cloud Window App is compatible with various models of digital screens (TV screens, LED screens, billboards, etc.) in the market. After installing the App, third-party screens can be integrated into Taoping Network of smart display screens and can operate on Taoping smart cloud platform for ad publishing, payment processing and targeted advertising. Advertisers (individuals and business owners) and advertising agencies can use Taoping App to publish ads to such third-party screens at their desired locations or scenes with desired people traffic for desired time and duration, just like publish ads to Taoping smart display screens. The innovative Taoping Cloud Window App, on one hand will energize traditional outdoor digital media with platform and Internet operations and increase utilization of installed third-party screens, on the other hand will allow Taoping new-media ecosystem to tap into outdoor scenes with high people traffic and increase market share.

The Taoping Cloud Window App is currently being deployed in a pilot program in Guizhou Province in China, where Taoping is cooperating with several outdoor digital media companies to install the App on different types of outdoor terminals such as screens in taxies, buses, entertainment and shopping scenes. So far, Taoping has launched several Apps for its new media ecosystem, including Taoping Smart Cloud, Taoping Go (e-Store), Taoping App for advertisers, and Taoping App for owners of display screens. Together with the Taoping Cloud Window App, Taoping is building up a new media ecosystem that covers diverse scenes of high people traffic and allow resource sharing and win-win outcome for various partners.

“The scale of the national outdoor digital advertising market has shown a rapid growth trend in recent years,” said Mr. Jianghuai Lin, Chairman and CEO of TAOP. “The launch of Taoping Cloud Window App is a remarkable step of our company, allowing us to engage a large number of third-party screens besides our smart screens. With the App gradually rolled out and adopted nationwide in the future, we believe that Taoping network of smart display screens will spread all over China and across countries, and that Taoping smart cloud platform will become more powerful and will provide a strong driving force for growth of outdoor digital media.”

About Taoping Inc.

Taoping Inc. (formerly known as China Information Technology, Inc.) (TAOP), is a leading provider of smart display terminals and solutions for targeted advertising and online retails. The Company provides the integrated end-to-end digital advertising solutions enabling customers to distribute and manage ads on cloud-based ad display screens. Connecting owners of Taoping screens, advertisers and consumers, it builds up a resource sharing “Smart IoT Screen Network- Taoping App – Taoping Go (e-Store)” media ecosystem to ultimately achieve the mission “our technology makes advertising and branding affordable and effective for everyone.” To learn more, please visit http://www.taop.com/.

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