Talon America Launches Ada to Supercharge Out of Home Campaigns with Audience-Driven Insights for U.S. Advertisers

Talon America

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New York, NY – July 22, 2021 — Talon America, a leading independent Out of Home (OOH) specialist, today announced the launch of its proprietary data management platform, Ada for the U.S. market. Ada generates intelligence on real and recent audience behaviors in the physical world, including how people travel, the OOH inventory they engage with, and the actions they take afterward — enabling more effective, data-driven targeting and outcome-based measurement for OOH advertisers.

Ada is as a proven and trusted platform since launching in the UK in 2019 and is widely used by hundreds of brands, including McDonald’s, Virgin Media, and Starbucks to deliver data-driven audience targeting strategies for their OOH campaigns. Analysis from On Device Research compared the results of Ada optimized campaigns with campaigns that used standard OOH planning techniques. The study uncovered an average uplift in brand consideration of 5.8% for Ada campaigns, compared to a 3.8% OOH norm, representing a 53% improvement. The study also found Ada campaigns on average deliver a 1.6% purchase intent lift, which is eight times greater than OOH norms (0.2%).

“Out of Home is a primary advertising medium for local, regional, and national marketers, and its scale and rapid digitization are providing even richer opportunities to deploy smart, data-driven, and measurable campaigns,” said Jonathan Conway, Chief Operating Officer at Talon America. “With Ada, we’re democratizing access to data-driven insights for OOH audience targeting and measurement. Ada empowers advertisers to seamlessly extend their online targeting strategy into OOH, enabling them to always reach the most relevant audiences and more accurately analyze their behaviors after exposure to brand messages.”

Ada leverages digital advertising data to supercharge one-to-many OOH campaign effectiveness. Specifically, Ada connects third-party audience segments to its live feeds of anonymized location history data to produce new insights about real and recent audience behaviors and journeys. Movement patterns are analyzed against the viewability areas of hundreds of thousands of advertising placements to pinpoint the locations, environments, and moments that most effectively reach and engage these audiences.

Talon America has active partnerships with third-party providers, including Cuebiq for mobility data, Dstillery for audience data, and LoopMe for post-exposure data for measuring outcomes, each provide supplemental data to further bolster Ada’s capabilities.

Source: Talon America

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