Surfside Launches Out-of-Home Advertising Measurement Tied to E-Commerce Purchasing


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Surfside Solutions Inc. (“Surfside”), a leading provider of advertising and data solutions focused on the cannabis industry, today announced its out-of-home (“OOH”) measurement tool as an added feature to the company’s Motion Signals platform. Surfside’s new capabilities provide advertisers the ability to understand the people who were in view of static and digital OOH placements, and tie that exposure back to digital engagements – specifically e-commerce sales to measure Return On Ad Spend (“ROAS”).

“By integrating key e-commerce trends that complement our data sourcing, we’re able to provide a level of measurement to our clients that connects what’s happening in the physical world with online shopping activity,” said Jon Lowen, co-founder of Surfside. “From there, advertisers have viable information that will help them plan more effective targeted marketing campaigns. We’re excited to continue the buildout of our Motion Signals platform, especially as we partner with key players in the cannabis space.”

In addition to location and device data, Motion Signals is able to discern the types of consumers, based on demographics, behaviors, lifestyles and more, that are viewing these OOH advertisements and subsequently making purchases as a result. The platform allows for flexibility in terms of insights an advertiser may want to isolate, including exposure windows, consumer demographics, and in-store versus online purchases.

“Surfside’s work is among the first in the industry to effectively define OOH ad exposure and tie that back to digital engagement, bridging a gap that was once thought to be impossible to measure,” said Patrick Baker, Head of Growth and Customer Retention at Lantern. “OOH is a strong media channel for cannabis brands, especially Lantern, and being able to connect the dots between marketing efforts and our purchase funnel allows for better marketing decisions and allocation of funds to the most effective campaign efforts.”

To learn more about Surfside, please visit www.surfside.io.

About Surfside

Since its inception, Surfside has been on a mission to build an ecosystem of products that make customer acquisition smarter, faster and more engaging for modern brands. By combining a single customer view with advanced audience modeling, media activation, and cross-channel measurement, Surfside empowers clients to find and attract qualified consumers through monetization of their digital and offline audiences.

SOURCE Surfside Solutions Inc.

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