Some Great 3D And Build-Out Billboard Examples

3D Billboard Examples 2

Watchfire Signs

Verde Capital Ad 1

Experience the power of three-dimensional storytelling with these captivating 3D billboards. In a world of static ads, these dynamic displays break through the noise, grabbing attention and igniting imaginations.

Burger King – Whopper 3D Billboard

Image Source: https://www.gomedia.co.nz/news/nzs-first-3d-digital-roadside-billboard-goes-live/

The Peanuts Movie – 3D Billboard

Movie 3D Billboard

Image Source: https://clios.com/entertainment/winner/theatrical-out-of-home/the-peanuts-movie/3d-billboard-14236

The Lorax Movie – 3D Billboard

3D Billboard

Image Source: https://www.jcdecaux.com/blog/super-bowl-2012-outdoor-adverts

The Columbus Zoo – Africa 3D Billboard

Columbus Zoo 3D Billboard

Image Source: Advertising Agency: Ron Foth Advertising, Columbus, USA
Creative Directors: Ron Foth Jr., David Henthorne
Art Directors: Gene Roy, Todd King

McDonalds – Coke Fountain 3D Billboard

McDonalds 3D Billboard 2

Image Source: Lamar Advertising

Pedigree – Dogs Rule 3D Billboard

Pedigree 3D Billboard

Image Source: @marketing_birds

Oreo Cookies – 3D Billboard

Oreo 3D Billboard

Image Source: Jack Mariucci

McDonalds – 1/3 Lb Burgers 3D Billboard

McDonalds 3D Billboard

Image Source: OAAA

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