SILVERCAST is bringing the first 3D digital media art WHALE to Times Square


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New York, NY — SILVERCAST Media, a premier Out of Home advertising company operating high-profile outdoor media across the United States, will be showcasing groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, 3D digital art on SILVERCAST’s digital spectacular located in the heart of Times Square for the public to enjoy.

Appearing on SILVERCAST’s 30,000 sq. ft. iconic Times Square digital spectacular known as “Big Kahuna” will be a media art execution titled WHALE. Illuminating the pedestrian plaza, the public media art display will transform the enormous screen into a hyper-realistic, undulating ocean environment occupied by a massive blue whale. The whale is made of water and will move freely and harmoniously among the waves.

SILVERCAST will be showcasing the WHALE exhibit in Times Square from July 16th through July 26th, 2021. WHALE can be seen for 60 seconds every half hour starting at 12pm each day and ending at midnight. SILVERCAST’s Big Kahuna is located on Broadway, stretching a full city block from 45th Street to 46th Street.

SILVERCAST partnered with Seoul-based digital design company d’strict to showcase WHALE to the public. The creator of WHALE is a’strict, a media artist unit formed by d’strict. With a heightened commitment to the social functions of art, a’strict designed the project with the objective of creating spaces for rest and relaxation for a wide global audience.

Gary Grossman, Co-Founder of SILVERCAST Media, said, “We are thrilled to partner with d’strict in bringing this 3D public art creation to the world’s largest stage, Times Square. New York is thriving and we want to play a small role in encouraging New Yorkers, and those visiting, to enjoy the excitement and feel of being out on the streets of NYC.”

Sean Lee, CEO of d’strict, said, “We’re in July when summer is at its peak. I hope that people will be able to blow away the heat for a while through the surreal movement of whales made of water and huge waves in Times Square, the heart of New York. Also, I’d like to thank SILVERCAST for planning this meaningful project together and for their consideration while producing the work.”

About SILVERCAST Media: SILVERCAST Media is an NYC-based media company specializing in outdoor advertising in the form of premier digital and static oversized billboard spectaculars. Founded in 2016, SILVERCAST Media continues its growth with a focus on high-profile outdoor media assets in the United States.

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