Programmatic Myths Debunked!

Programmatic Billboard Myths

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Tasty Ad spoke with Adomni (a leader in programmatic OOH) to discuss some of the issues and preconceived notions many companies might have about using programmatic platforms to help sell their unsold ad spaces.

Some of the top myths are as follows:
Note: These answers apply to Adomni but not necessarily all programmatic companies.

  • Programmatic will take sales away from our account execs and they won’t like it.

Adomni: Programmatic should be viewed as an additional stream of revenue, not one that replaces the current process. The convenience of programmatic buying allows for unsold space to be purchased quickly and easily, filling the gaps where the account execs couldn’t.

  • We will lose control of pricing.

Adomni: Every screen owner has full control of the screen pricing on Adomni. The advertising space is purchased at the set rates – with no reductions or discounts, as listed by the screen owner.

  • We won’t be able to sell the space to a local advertiser.

Adomni: By connecting our systems through an API, we are constantly staying up to date with your inventory availability, allowing for both sides to work on filling the space without miscommunication. Once the space is sold on your end, it updates the Adomni database and is no longer available for purchase. That’s the beauty of technology and automation – as space is sold, it is no longer listed or available.

  • We won’t have control over what ads are played on our locations.

Adomni: The screen owner always has final approval of all the content played on their screens. Adomni ensures that all creative is to spec, then the screen owner reviews and approves all ads before they are final. The screen owner can also indicate any specific content guidelines that apply to their screens on the screen details page, avoiding unwanted ads to be submitted.

As you can see, Programmatic isn’t as scary as it may seem. As owners, we still control everything. Programmatic simply brings buyers into our space that otherwise would never have been able to find us. Admoni has our best interest at heart. If we succeed, they succeed. 

If you have questions about programmatic you can contact Adomni at: 844-4ADOMNI, support@adomni.com or visit their website here.

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