FREE 4th of July Billboard Ads

4th of July Billboard

Happy 4th of July from Tasty Ad to the Out of Home industry. Our gift to you is a free 4th of July ad for you to download and display on your billboards. Available in multiple billboard sizes. If you need help just let us know.

Right click on the images below and choose “Save As”

400x800 4th of July

400×800 | Fits 4×8, 5×10, 8×16, 10×20, 12×24, etc.

400x920 4th of July

400×920 | Fits 10×23, 10.5×24, 13×30, etc.

400x1200 4th of July

400×1200 | Fits 10×30, 10.5×32, 11×33, 12×36, 14×42, etc.

400x1400 4th of July

400×1400 | Fits 10×35, 10.5×36, 12×42, 14×48, etc.





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