OUTFRONT Media Announces Winners of Inaugural Art Competition ‘OUTFRAME’

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OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE: OUT) announced today their Best in Show award and three discipline winners of their inaugural art competition OUTFRAME, which has given the “Artists of Adland” the opportunity to share their personal artwork outside of their everyday client projects, with the rest of the country.


Best in Show: “DIEsel” by Ryan Artell, Art Director at RED Interactive Agency


Best in Digital: “The American Plague” by Kyle Grazia, Group Creative Director, Biolumnia


Best in Mixed Media: “I Can’t Breathe” by Jack Llewellyn-Karski, Art Director at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide


Best in Photography: “Eyes Wide Shut” by Dinesh Boaz Creative Director/Co-Founder at Direct Agents

The four winning entries will be displayed on digital out of home assets across the country this month. In addition, the Best in Show’s charity of choice, The Nature Conservancy, will be given media space in January. This displays the power of OOH canvases and the power of good.

“[The] image is clever, haunting, elegant, and poetic. Fossil fuels are finite and the earth and its species are fragile, so the word DIE could have multiple meanings. The image is seductive, but the soft haze in the image can be seen as dreamy or nightmarish. The colors are exhilarating, but unnatural, the aesthetics and statement of this image are rendered superbly,” said Judge Shepard Fairey on Artell’s winning artwork.

Ryan Artell, Art Director at RED Interactive Agency was awarded Best in Show for his piece titled “DIEsel,” which was submitted within the digital discipline. Artell’s artist statement was: “The year is 2085, all hope in humanity has been lost, and there are all but a few remaining outposts that contain life. Among the abandoned neon and technology there exists evidence of a past existence. Remnants of a time that once was, full of mass consumption and corruption. These structures have become statues, monoliths to a society that once was, but never will be again.”

There were three ‘Best in Discipline’  awards:

  • Best in Digital: “The American Plague,” by Kyle Grazia, Group Creative Director at Biolumnia
  • Best in Mixed Media: “I Can’t Breathe” by Jack Llewellyn-Karski, Art Director at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide
  • Best In Photography: “Eyes Wide Shut” by Dinesh Boaz, Creative Director/Co-Founder at Direct Agents

The OUTFRAME competition was created as a way to highlight adland artists and give them the chance to create without guidelines or brand rules, and share their true passions with the public.

OUTFRAME’s elite panel of judges this year included:

–  Shepard Fairey, Artist & Founder of Obey Clothing and Studio Number One
–  Joe Sciarrotta, Deputy Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide at Ogilvy
–  Kate Stanners, Chairwoman and Global Chief Creative Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi
–  Juliana Cobb, Group Creative Director at Droga5
–  Jed Selkowitz, Chief Marketing Officer of Americares
–  Jeff Benjamin, Chief Creative Officer at Tombras
–  Doug Jaeger, Partner at JaegerSloan Studio
–  Eddy Herty, National Creative Director of OUTFRONT Media

Visit www.wegetyou.com/OUTFRAME or @OUTFRAME2019 on Instagram to view all the winners.

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