Outdoorlink: New Growth and Exciting Changes


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Outdoorlink is most known in the out-of-home industry for their SmartLink devices. They allow billboard operators to remotely reboot their digital screens and monitor, schedule, and control the lights on their static billboards. With the company originating from a long-time billboard owner and operator, this was the original goal and Outdoorlink has done it well.

Recently we’ve learned that the company has gone through some major growth and changes in the recent past, both on their team and in their tech. Tasty got the chance to talk to the team about these changes.

DJ of SmartLink
First, the team. As of January, 2023 DJ Jennings has officially stepped into the role of CEO. Being a family company, DJ has been around the company from its start and has worked his way through the company from the ground up. This time has given him a unique understanding of the company’s dynamic and needs. While his most recent position as CRO had him primarily focused on Sales, DJ is now taking a greater step into building strategic partnerships, creating new revenue streams, and building the strong relationships that have always been top priority for Outdoorlink.

Carter of OutdoorLink
Along with DJ’s shift in roles, Carter Weiland recently stepped into the COO position. Carter worked as the Director of Digital Solutions for Outdoorlink for the past 5 years, focusing mostly on technology development and solutions for digital assets. During this time he was able to not only get a clear understanding of the day-to-day operations of Outdoorlink, but also develop relationships with our partners and become a well established member of the team. These assets combined has really made the shift into his new role as seamless as possible.

Tasha of OutdoorLink
As DJ shifts his focus into his new CEO position, he has appointed Tasha Mayes as the new Sales Manager. With experience as an Associate Director with Kinetic Worldwide and an Account Manager with Integration Media, Tasha brings a strong out-of-home background that translates well into the Outdoorlink offerings. While DJ is very much still present with clients and partners, Tasha will be the daily contact moving forward for sales needs. In speaking with Tasha, she states, “I’m very excited in my new role at Outdoorlink. Coming from the billboard world, I thought I knew all Outdoorlink had to offer, but it’s so much more. I’m thrilled to be here for the next stage of growth and to help bring the Outdoorlink technology and support to the teams who can really benefit from it.”

Learn more about Outdoorlink here.

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