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It’s easy for marketers to get excited about out-of-home advertising. There are so many opportunities to create unique, compelling and memorable messaging that inspiration just seems to flow naturally. Still, it can be even more inspiring to see how other marketers are doing spectacular things with OOH and/or DOOH.

At OneScreen.ai, we’ve been especially impressed with these three brands and their multi-prong approaches to achieving very different goals using out-of-home.


Reprise Dominated their Conference Space

Now that in-person conferences are back, sponsors and exhibitors are excited to be part of the action. But standing out among that crowd is no easy feat, especially if you’re a growing brand with limited resources.

Reprise didn’t just show up in town for B2BMX last October. They created a dynamic “everywhere” presence to promote their platform that allows companies to easily create no-code custom product demos and tours.

They met arriving conference-goers (who happened to be their ideal target audience) at the airport, with digital signs posted around baggage claim. To remain eye-catchingly top-of mind, they used mobile OOH around the venue – trucks outfitted on the back and sides with digital screens, complete with a big, easy-to-scan QR code for instant follow-up to learn more.

We loved their clever, creative use of both mobile and static OOH to create a memorable conference-based experience. They loved the results.

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Hunt a Killer Created a Thrilling  Branding Experience

Why just dip your toe in the water when you can go for a deep dive? Hunt a Killer’s inaugural OOH campaign used noir-ish design, edgy copy and unexpected out-of-home inventory choices to promote their subscription box game.

Posters, fully wrapped buses and “body” outlines on sidewalks all around town all serve to build a sense of intrigue.

It was all about the experience. After all, Hunt a Killer’s game provides a highly immersive experience in which players have to consider a variety of realistic clues to solve a murder mystery. Giving prospective customers a taste of that experience with OOH ads that felt like clues made perfect sense.

By combining their highly visible OOH launch with other targeted marketing channels, they achieved indelible branding.


Leafly Grew Web Traffic

Cultivating an audience is tough when your advertising opportunities are limited. That’s certainly been the case for Leafly. This brand doesn’t sell retail products, they’ve created an online marketplace where cannabis businesses and consumers can connect.

Google and most social media won’t accept cannabis ads, effectively cutting off cannabis marketers who need to reach a targeted-but-wide audience. OOH, on the other hand, is not only highly effective, but compliant.

Leafly used OOH to reach two goals. They built branding with traditional roadside billboards and smaller billboards strategically located near dispensaries, then used place-based OOH — digital ads on CTV screens – right inside dispensaries to promote their order-online-pickup-in-store app.

Web traffic increased in every target city compared to cities with no OOH campaign.

Out-of-home is more than inspiring. It is emerging as a game-changer for brands such as Leafly that cannot effectively use digital advertising, brands who want to give a lift to their multi-channel marketing and brands grappling with higher costs and diminishing returns of online advertising.

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