One of Our Best Billboards – Thanks Horizon Structures

Billboard Structures

Tasty Ad’s sister company Roland Digital Media recently installed a new billboard in Lenoir City, Tn with the help of Horizon Structures. The billboard is a V with a 9’x35′ Watchfire digital on one side and a 10’6″x36′ wrap on the other. The board is viewable from multiple angles at an intersection and low to the ground for maximum impact.

Horizon Structures has been building a lot of Roland’s structures and they have been more than satisfied with the results. This location has been getting calls left and right from potential advertisers and as of today it is SOLD OUT!

See this Roland billboard’s spec page here.

Find out more about Horizon Structures. View their website here. Or call them at (888) 548-2940.

Billboard Structure

Billboard Structure

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