MediaVillage Founder Jack Myers Announces 12 Recipients of “Media Industry Diversity & Economic Relief Fund” and “Leadership Conversations for Renewal and Growth”

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MediaVillage has announced that the “Media Industry Advancing Diversity & Economic Relief Fund” has been set up to raise capital for 12 organizations and non-profits serving the media, marketing, and ad community. The remainder of MediaVillage and AdvancingDiversity.org founder Jack Myers’ “Leadership Conversations for Renewal and Growth” at MediaVillage.com will focus on advertising, agencies, education, diversity, the audio experience, music videos, film industry, new out-of-home and aging community realities through the lens of racial harmony and activism.

“Not only has MediaVillage been a community for the media and advertising industry to advance wisdom, leadership, education and opportunity for all but now more than ever we are doubling down on our mission to advance diversity from advocacy to activism,” said Myers, who launched the Advancing Diversity Council at an event at CES this past January. “We are inviting industry leaders to share their message focused on Black Lives Matter, racial harmony, diversity, inclusion, equality, from a perspective that communicates their beliefs, passions, commitment and, most importantly, actions being taken. This is building on the creation of AdvancingDiversity.org, which has long provided a home to share the voice of leadership on the ACTIONS we take.”

All conversations with Jack Myers are available on-demand within 72-hours at MediaVillage. The remainder of the 24 Leadership Conversations are available at MediaVillage, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook Live. Most conversations occur at 1:00pm Eastern Time (unless otherwise noted) and include:

  • Wednesday, June 17: Aline Santos, Global CMO and Chief Diversity Officer, Unilever speaks out on diversity, brand purpose, Advanced Media, and creativity. (pre-taped)
  • Thursday, June 18: Special Vevo-sponsored Collective Leadership Conversation at 10:00am with Kevin McGurn, President of Sales and Distribution.
  • Monday, June 22: Michael Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, NPR, discuss “Why NPR Matters to Culture, Equality, Society, Business.”
  • Thursday, June 25: Michael Roth, Chairman and CEO, Interpublic Group, speaks out on diversity, equality, agency economics, and the future of the ad business.
  • Thursday, July 2: Ken Dychtwald, author of The Age Wave; Peter Hubbell, author of The Age of Aging; Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus, DDB; and Susan K. Feldman, Founder, In the Groove, discuss “Who We Are. Why We Count. Why Are We Being Left Out?”
  • Monday, July 13: Jodi Senese, CMO, Outfront; Mark Kidd, CEO, Captivate; Greg Kahn, Founder Internet of Things Consortium; Anna Bager, President and CEO, Out of Home Advertising Association of America, discuss “The Future of Life Out-of-Home and in the Office.”
  • Wednesday, July 15: Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer, Regal; Cliff Marks, Leading Film Director with National Cinemedia President, discuss “The Future of Film Deals, Distribution & the Theater-Going Experience.”
  • Thursday, July 16: Michael Nathanson, Lead Analyst, MoffettNathanson, discusses the “Economic Look Back to April 15 and Forward to 2021.” View the April 15 Myers/Nathanson Economic Conversation on-demand here.

Jack Myers Leadership Conversations are a core platform of the fund-raising commitment. Funds raised during the Media Industry Advancing Diversity & Economic Relief Fund conversations drive can be made at MediaVillage or via text to GIVE at 860.406.4919. Twelve organizations were chosen as recipients of the Relief Fund by the Advancing Diversity Council, an organization of 40 industry leaders focused on advancing diversity from advocacy to activism.

The 12 beneficiaries are: 4A’s Foundation, ADCOLOR, Advancing Diversity/Mentor’s Playlist, American Education Foundation (AEF), AAF AdCamp for High School Students, Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, International Radio & TV Society Foundation (IRTS), Jacaronda Foundation College Loan Relief, John A. Reisenbach Foundation NYC 1st Responders Fund, No Kid Hungry, NY/LA Restaurant Employee Fund, and TD Foundation for Children of Wounded Warriors and Fallen Heroes.

MediaVillage hosts 90 distinct content platforms dedicated to amplifying voices of leadership and bringing the media and advertising community together through shared experiences, human connectivity, online education, market intelligence and advancing diversity. Jack Myers Leadership Conversations for Renewal & Growth sponsorship opportunities include: Title Partner ($50,000); Activist Partner ($30,000); Leadership Partner ($15,000); Community Partner ($5,000); Supporting Partner ($3,000). For details email Jack Myers at Jack@MediaVillage.com / Mark Altschuler at Mark@MediaVillage.com. Follow @mediavillagecom @advdiversity @jackmyersbiz.

For interviews with Myers, or any other press needs, please contact Diane Stefani at Diane.Stefani19@gmail.com.

About MediaVillage:
MediaVillage is the media and advertising community’s B2B Knowledge Center of Excellence. Through our collective impact approach, we implement effective and cost efficient B2B growth solutions. For the past decade, MediaVillage, in collaboration with partners across the marketing ecosystem, has been pilot testing innovative strategies for generating growth. Today, more than 150 companies, organizations and industry leaders are members of the MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange, a B2B Solutions Marketplace and Center of Excellence for Advancing Marketing Solutions, Diversity and Education.

About Jack Myers:
For more than 40 years, MediaVillage founder Jack Myers has been singularly dedicated to identifying, developing, and introducing solutions to the challenges confronting media companies. As the world’s leading media ecologist, he’s a noted expert on generational and gender shifts, the impact of technological advances on business economics, and the dynamics of business growth and decline. His background includes executive roles at CBS Television, ABC Radio, Metromedia Outdoor, Television Production Partners, and UTV Cable Network.


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