Marketing Goes To The Dogs With Sniffable Mini Billboards


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You’ll often see advertisements aimed toward children, making them thrilled to buy new toys, but what if your dog could be influenced by ads too? With a new billboard campaign, they might be! Tiny billboards are appearing at busy parks, catered specifically toward furry friends. Not only are they dog-sized, but they have unique features to attract your dog toward them.

Finally, after all these years, your dog will be able to do their own window shopping and show you their favorite ads. Although, they’ll probably be fooled by cool advertising just as much as people are.


Dogs Sniff Out New Business

Jinx dog food is a newer pet brand that launched in early 2020. Yet, starting a business amid a pandemic isn’t easy, so they had to get creative. Thanks to the support of celebrities and Target, they’re now ready to move on to advertising, and they thought of the perfect way to do it.

The company wanted to use advertising that reached directly out to their audience. Thus, they created tiny billboards that sit at animal eye level. To catch the attention of potential customers, the little billboards are uniquely scented.

“We felt like there was an untapped opportunity to connect with the dog first, to differentiate our brand ethos, in hopes that dog parents felt our authenticity,” said Terri Rockovich, CEO and co-founder of Jinx. “This approach aligns with our pet-first, millennial mindset that our customer values.”


Each dog billboard, or “barkboard,” is scented using a non-toxic amino acid-based composition. So, dogs will lead their humans right to these little signs, which are the most adorable advertisements ever!

Let Your Dog Make the Shopping List

These little billboards are found throughout the country in some of the most dog-friendly spots. Some locations include Runyon Canyon and Silver Lake in California, along with Central Park in New York. Each billboard has a simple slogan, which prompts the viewer to check out Jinx at Target. You might not notice these tiny ads, but your dog will make sure you see them.

In addition to Target, Jinx also does business with Petco, Rover, and Bloomingdales. Despite the complications of 2020, the company has been thriving. Celebrities like Will Smith, Lilly Singh, and Halsey are supporting this business.


This time, your dog’s endless sniffing will have a clear purpose. Even if you don’t plan to buy new food for your dog, these tiny billboards are still the perfect photo opportunities for Instagram pups! You can now buy them here.

H/T: adweek.com
Featured Image: @thinkjinx/Instagram


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