Kevel Relay Expands into Growing DOOH Ecosystem


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Kevel Relay, the suite of programmatic APIs that allow publishers to unify, mediate, and control their auctions, is adding substantial SSP integrations in the DOOH space. DOOH is one of the fastest growing programmatic markets and is expected to reach USD$27bn (£23.5bn) by 2025. Today, (November 7th, 2022) Relay announces integrations with Magnite, Hivestack, and Place Exchange, and expects more integrations to come by the end of the year. 

With these integrations, Kevel Relay provides out-of-home media owners the ability to sell their inventory programmatically without giving up control or transparency over the auction. Programmatic DOOH transactions are still characterised by waterfall bidding methods and reserving spots in the loop for specific advertisers or demand partners. With Relay’s APIs, out-of-home publishers can open programmatic auctions on each individual ad placement. Relay’s integrations allow media owners to combine demand from multiple programmatic partners with direct sold ad servers across all programmatic formats.

Access to Relay’s APIs are available on a SaaS basis. Kevel doesn’t own any demand or operate as an SSP. Instead, Kevel works through integrations with top SSPs like Magnite, Place Exchange, and Hivestack. This model allows for Kevel to maintain its neutrality in mediation of demand and transparency of auctions. With more programmatic availability and transparency, the DOOH ecosystem can drive better outcomes for publishers and advertisers further accelerating growth in the space.

“Kevel Relay allows out-of-home media owners to build a powerful mediation layer to unify their auctions and manage omnichannel demand creating new revenue opportunities in the DOOH ecosystem” says James Avery, founder and CEO of Kevel.

“We are excited to work with Kevel and their Relay product to bring programmatic efficiency to the fast-growing DOOH space,” said Grant Sterling, VP of business development at Magnite. “We look forward to collaborating with Kevel to bring premium DOOH media owners together with advertisers in a transparent and streamlined way through Relay.”


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