Kencko Dips A Toe in OOH With Witty Dig At Digital

Kencko Truck 2

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NEW YORK, AUGUST 4th 2021 – kencko, the direct-to-consumer nutrition brand known for its all-natural, pre-made smoothie mixes that help people get their daily recommended servings of fruit and veggies, teamed up with NYC-based Adgile Media Group last week to launch its first out-of-home advertising campaign. The campaign, adorning a fleet of delivery trucks, takes a knowing swipe at the brand’s digital origins and the frustrations of online advertising.

Kenko Truck

With arresting copy lines like “The only thing blocking this ad is the traffic,” “One of those ads that follows you around everywhere,” “Click below to hide this ad,” and “An ad for people who reject cookies,” the campaign’s creative nods to the digital universe by using pixelated text and ‘windows’ graphics.

“Like most D2C brands, digital is our home medium,” said Ricardo Vice Santos, co-founder of kencko. “But we’re very aware of its limitations. Digital ads can be intrusive and annoying for the consumer, and they’re pretty formulaic – which makes it hard for brands to do something truly original. For our ‘IRL’ advertising debut, we wanted to make fun of ourselves, and maybe strike a chord with people’s experiences of the online ad world.” Ricardo’s own role in the campaign is summed up in the final truck ad, which simply reads, “Our CEO bought some media and all he got was this lousy truck side.”

Adgile’s CEO Mitchell Gordon struck a similar tone when asked how Adgile’s format compares to digital. “We started Adgile due to the large limitations and decreasing ROI of digital advertising. We created a more effective advertising format, with the same data capabilities that made digital advertising popular. We couldn’t be happier to partner with a great brand like kencko to make this bold statement throughout New York City.”

Since launching its dietitian-approved, no-fuss smoothies in the U.S. in 2018, kencko has quickly become a staple for health-conscious, busy people everywhere. Their products, which target a range of nutrition goals, from immune support to post-workout recovery, offer plant-based nutrition in the form of organic powdered fruits and veggies making it simple for people to fill the fruit and vegetable gaps in their daily routine. With no need to freeze or blend, these go-anywhere smoothies and stylish mixer bottle slip easily into your purse or backpack, so that you always have a healthy snack at hand.

For more information about pricing and program options, visit kencko.com

To learn more about Adgile Media Group, visit Adgile.co

Kencko Truck 2

About Kencko

kencko  http://www.kencko.com is a plant-based, on-the-go nutrition brand, offering organic fruits and vegetables in convenient new formats. No time to eat healthy? Let kencko ride to the rescue, with instant, additive-free smoothies you can shake up in seconds, adding 2.5 servings of fruits and vegetables to your daily routine. Each smoothie delivers nutritional benefits equivalent to 200g of fresh produce, with no added sugars, sweeteners, or artificial anything.

A flexible subscription model puts customers in control while helping them maintain a steady intake of essential nutrients: both the CDC and the WHO recommend a minimum of 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables to maintain health and guard against chronic illness. kencko members can also access free, confidential nutrition coaching from the in-house team of registered dietitians, who are dedicated to helping them reboot their relationship with food and develop healthy eating habits that last.

A certified B corporation, kencko is serious about sustainability. By freeze-drying produce soon after harvest, kencko cuts food waste by up to 30% (compared to fresh). All packaging is compostable and all emissions from shipping are offset.

For more info and images, contact maggie@kencko.com

About Adgile

Adgile Media Group http://www.adgile.co operates the nation’s first tech-enabled truck-side advertising network. By installing high quality, billboard-esque graphics on the sides and backs of last mile delivery trucks, Adgile is turning everyday vehicles into highly effective mobile billboards for brands like kencko.

The Adgile platform tracks the number of people that see each ad, the demographic of that audience, and the actions that audience takes after viewing an ad (website visit, app download online purchase, brick & mortar visit, etc).

With this data, Adgile is peeling back the curtains to reveal the results of a two-decade long migration away from OOH toward digital marketing. As brands chase yield that is getting competed away online, Adgile is delivering metrics like Return on Ad Spend (“RoAS”) and Cost Per Acquisition (“CPA”) to show why OOH is much more than just “reach” and “frequency.”

For more info and images, contact tshea@adgile.com

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