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Jolt, an eco-friendly Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and electric vehicle (EV) charging network has officially commenced operations in the UK, specifically in the North London Borough of Barnet.

Over the next three years, Jolt is set to deploy a minimum of 5,000 digital outdoor screens integrated into its EV charging network throughout the UK. This innovative approach allows brands to engage with consumers through a sustainable DOOH platform that actively contributes to carbon emission reduction in local communities, all powered by 100% sustainable energy. Notably, Audi, Aviva, and EDF are the inaugural partners for Jolt’s advertising launch.

Gino Cettina, Jolt UK Sales Director, emphasized the company’s commitment to revolutionizing Digital Out-of-Home campaigns. “We aim to make these campaigns purpose-driven, measurable in their positive impact on communities, and aligned with national climate goals,” said Cettina. He highlighted the significance of brands contributing to reducing transport-related emissions and addressing the climate emergency by choosing an advertising platform that supports eMobility.

Jolt, known for its successful collaborations promoting clean transport in Australia, New Zealand, and North America, is now extending its influence to the UK. The charging stations feature double-sided D6 screens, transforming roadside spaces into interactive opportunities for brands. The initial launch in Barnet will be followed by a nationwide rollout.

With the introduction of Jolt’s network, EV drivers gain access to 7 kWh of free, rapid, and environmentally friendly roadside EV charging daily, amounting to approximately £840 annually. Charging times are as low as 15 minutes, eliminating the need for home charging facilities.

Tony Moore, Head of Marketing for Audi UK, expressed excitement about the advertising launch partnership with Jolt, recognizing its role in providing enhanced charging infrastructure accessibility and daily free charging for electric vehicle owners.

Image Source: Jolt

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