Bell Media Delivers First-of-its Kind, Multi-Platform Campaign “Streets-to-Screens”


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TORONTO (November 6, 2023) – Bell Media today unveiled its newest, industry-defining campaign, Streets-to-Screens, a multiplatform program, brought to market for the first time in collaboration with Desjardins, which spans TV, Radio, Out-of-Home, and Digital.

Streets-to-Screens leverages Bell Media’s exclusive ad-synching Radio-to-Road program, where select roadside digital boards synchronize with advertisements on specific radio stations. Using Bell First Party Data, this innovative program extends the experience with virtual product placement through TV viewing at home, ensuring a sustained presence across various media channels, and as a result, creating a powerful amplification effect, enhancing product awareness. Using Mirriad’s platform, Bell Media can deliver virtual product placement opportunities to clients even after content has been produced, creating enhance flexibility for clients.

“With Streets-to-Screens, Bell Media delivers a seamless journey where brands connect with consumers on the road through Bell Media’s exclusive technology, syncing radio ads with digital out-of-home billboards and at home through ad insertion on both TV and digital platforms,” said Perry MacDonald, VP of Advertising Sales and Partnerships. “We know this holistic approach will resonate with consumers and drive impact for our clients.”

“We loved collaborating with the Bell Media team on this execution and being able to leverage their technology to deliver our clients this level of innovation,” said Scott Stewart, General Manager, Glassroom. “Their openness to partner and commitment to driving results makes them a trusted and valued media partner.” To maximize exposure, Bell Media employs geo-fence technology to retarget mobile users exposed to digital out-of-home boards, ensuring a sustained and impactful presence across various media channels.

Streets-to-Screens is the latest initiative underscoring Bell Media’s commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions to connect audiences to clients’ brands and products. From SAM and Connected TV, to Addressable Audio and TV, Bell Media continues to push the limits of conventional advertising, and break new ground in today’s saturated market.

Source: Bell Media

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