JCDecaux Launches its Global Data Offering, JCDecaux Data Solutions


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JCDecaux SA, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, announces today the launch of JCDecaux Data Solutions – a portfolio of global and local data-driven solutions that enables advertisers to maximise the power and ROI of their media investment.

JCDecaux Data Solutions’ purpose is to offer ever more effective solutions to JCDecaux’s stakeholders so they can leverage data to optimise their campaigns in all countries across the world. Mixing global and local data unlocks the potential of both OOH and DOOH campaigns.

JCDecaux, as the most digitised global OOH company, is more confident than ever of the power of Out-of-Home in an advertising landscape increasingly fragmented and more and more digital. By developping and globalising its product offering through optimised campaigns using data and technology, the Group accelerates its transformation and will deliver increasingly impactful solutions.

JCDecaux Data Solutions brings:

  • Simplicity to scale and deploy thanks to platformization
  • Agility to improve its solutions in an evergreen development mode
  • Comparability that offers advertisers and agencies solutions to compare OOH performance with other media buys
  • Transparency to understand how AI and Machine Learning (ML) are driving performance
  • Efficiency to focus energy on delivering impact.

JCDecaux Data Solutions is built around three core pillars, designed to help advertisers achieve their marketing objectives using OOH in combination with other media, particularly mobile. These are:

  • Optimise to deliver on planning, content delivery and creativity
  • Engage to connect with your audience more effectively and efficiently
  • Evaluate to understand the performance of each OOH campaign

JCDecaux Data Solutions is a combination of in-house products and solutions developed by JCDecaux’s data team (50 people) and 3rd party solutions, combined with local specific complementary data (Joint Industry Committees, telco, sensors, retail, etc) to guarantee the highest level of efficiency at each stage of a campaign. These solutions will always comply strictly with personal data protection rules to safeguard citizens and users, using aggregated and anonymised data only.

Source: Global Newswire

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