HYP and Vistar Partner to Deliver Superior DOOH Marketing Campaigns


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HYP’s ready-to-activate and custom audience segments now available for out-of-home activation through Vistar Media.

Thanks to programmatic technology, digital out-of-home (DOOH) can be bought in new ways which have proven to be effective from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. HYP, an Australian tech startup specialising in data and measurement, is pleased to announce its partnership with Vistar Media. HYP’s integration with the leading DOOH programmatic platform is a testament to its purpose of making planning through measurement across all screens as seamless and effective as possible.

“Vistar’s leadership in programmatic DOOH technology aligns perfectly with HYP’s goal to ensure meaningful applications of its data across all screens, including DOOH. We are excited about delivering demonstrable success through superior data quality and scale in the OOH space,” says Jason San Diego, CEO at HYP.

Vistar’s proprietary technology analyses consumer movement patterns over a period of time and then activates DOOH screens only when and where a brand’s target audience has the highest likelihood to be. Vistar’s patented technology is the only system to build segments for programmatic audience targeting accounting for both location AND time. This, combined with HYP’s consent-driven data source, and scale of 17-20 million device IDs each month, can only bolster any marketer’s campaign goals.

With this partnership, HYP is bringing more than 1,500+ ready-to-activate segments — based on location, demographic, and behavioural attributes — to the out-of-home industry. The activation will be seamless and effective across the key DSPs in market. In addition, brands and agencies can also work with HYP and Vistar to build a custom audience segment based on their specific objectives and campaign goals.

Eugenie Chen, Vistar’s VP of Data & Analytics says, “We’re excited to partner with HYP and further deepen our commitments to making out-of-home more data driven and helping today’s omnichannel marketers incorporate out-of-home into their holistic marketing strategies.”

Advertisers using data to inform their marketing decisions will benefit greatly from this new partnership. Amobee, with deep integrations into both HYP and Vistar Media, now enables buyers to access HYP audience segments through Vistar Media’s marketplace, providing an end-to-end DOOH solution.

“With advertisers currently planning for the upcoming retail holidays, this partnership could not be launching at a more perfect time. It’s exciting that our clients can now extend their existing audience targeting strategies from other channels such as digital, video and mobile, into out-of-home, with HYP and Vistar Media’s new integration,” says Adam Hunt, Director, Business Development and Partnerships at Amobee.

Source: VistarMedia

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