JC Decaux centres sustainability with carbon neutral out-of-home advertising

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Out-of-home media company JC Decaux has become the first Australian company to receive certification from Climate Active for its carbon neutral out-of-home advertising transit products.

The certification comes as JC Decaux moves to 100 per cent renewable energy to power their network in 2022, as a part of its commitment to the RE100 in 2019. JC Decaux was the first media company in Australia and New Zealand to do so, and the first out-of-home media company globally.

Steve O’Connor, CEO of JCDecaux Australia and New Zealand, said: “There is no doubt that sustainability is important. Reducing our environmental impact, and helping our clients do the same, is a continued priority in our strategy. I’m delighted that we’re leading the industry with the first out-of-home sustainable advertising solution in Australia with our Transit bus and tram products, certified by Climate Active.”

“Now, when media agencies and brands choose our in-house printing service GSP for their Transit campaigns, they will automatically be part of the solution in driving change and making a difference to the environment.”

Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses that supports voluntary climate action. According to Climate Active, certification is awarded to businesses that “have credibly reached net zero emissions” by calculating their greenhouse gas emissions,  reduced these emissions “as much as possible” and have “offset any remaining emissions by purchasing carbon offset units”.

In Australia, JC Decaux has been certified by Climate Active as a carbon neutral business since 2015, with work continuing to achieve the same status in New Zealand.

“With the growing concern among many consumers around sustainability, we are continuing our work this year to offer further sustainable media solutions, as we endeavour to be a socially responsible business.” O’Connor continued.

JC Decaux has selected two indigenous carbon projects that will offset the carbon neutral transit products. The Thaa-Nguigarr Carbon Project, Emissions Reducing Fund Project is an early dry season savannah burning project that reduces carbon emissions by helping to prevent late dry season wildfires. The Nyaliga Fire Project is also a savannah burning carbon project that operates in line with traditional indigenous knowledge and practice.


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