Ida Byrd-Hill Launches Front-Liner Campaign, “Train to Be a Tech Superhero Like Miranda”


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DETROITApril 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Front-Liners, mainly Black and low-income, have discovered they have options – gig work, unionization or better paying careers. Many front-liners are making more money as gig workers than their regular jobs. A Lyft driver earned $57,000 in 2021, $30,000 more than her previous job earning $25,000. The Amazon Staten Island unionization vote will drive up wages for front-liners.  Front-liner career development is the only arsenal left in the Talent War tool chest. Corporations must remove degree requirements to train and promote front-liners into mid-level high-paying tech careers.

Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO, Automation Workz, a cybersecurity certification reskilling firm has been training ordinary front-liners to enter the industry as tech superheroes. Miranda is one of those tech superheroes. “After being laid off from her restaurant job during the pandemic, she began in our Cisco Certified Network Technician training. She is now a customer support specialist servicing the network for Red Ventures. She is aggressively moving into Python computer programming. Miranda represents the skilled front-liner employee corporations need. We have posted billboards across Detroit and media online to highlight Miranda, who remarked on Linkedin, This honor has been awarded to me after a lot of hard work and dedication in advancing my knowledge in the technological field.”

Corporations, afraid to invest in “real” training for front-liners, as they have high post-secondary drop-out rates, have purchased “cheap self-service training options” with little success. Cheap and affordable are worlds of apart. Automation Workz was recognized in 2021 by Intelligent.com for having the most affordable instructor-led cybersecurity training in the US. Ida Byrd-Hill states, “We assess the grit and motivation of front-liners and thus 75% of our learners complete our cybersecurity, network engineering and Python/Linux training. We will soon add tech sales and data analytics. We now need Corporations to redesign job descriptions so Automation Workz can train Tech Superheroes like Miranda.”

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